Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has convinced President Trump that it is best to postpone any Senate action to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare until after the 2020 elections.

Several lawsuits challenging ObamaCare or the Trump administration's regulatory revisions to it are winding their way through the courts, and the timing of their resolutions could affect the president's reelection chances.

Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert signed his approval on Monday to a bill that banned abortion in his state after 18 weeks. The new law replaces a previous law which banned abortion after 22 weeks of gestation.

The latest pro-abortion effort is a bill out of Massachusetts that removes the terms “mother” and “unborn child” from the legal definition of pregnancy.

VIDEO - In an interview with The New American magazine's correspondent Alex Newman, Dr. Karladine Graves of the Coalition Against Kickbacks outlined a plan to simply and drastically slash healthcare costs in America while preventing a government takeover of the industry. The solution, she said, relies on getting rid of the “middle men” who drive up the cost of medicines in “a $200 billion racket” by using kickbacks disguised as “rebates.” With all the money they are making, these shady middle men then invest millions in lobbying and political campaigns to keep the scam going. “This is a form of racketeering that would normally be totally unlawful if not for Congress giving them an exception,” Dr. Graves said, urging citizens to contact their legislators. Dr. Graves said her coalition was working with the Trump administration to get this done. Learn more at

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