As 2014 nears its close, Americans without insurance are running out of time to avoid the significant ObamaCare penalties that are scheduled to hit in 2016. The deadline to avoid the penalties is February 15, 2015. Uninsured Americans will be faced with a fines of $325 per adult or two percent of family income, whichever is higher. But whether the IRS will be able to effectively enforce the individual mandate remains to be seen.



Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin announced Wednesday that he would not ask the state legislature to move forward with a planned universal healthcare system because it would require impossibly high taxes.

VIDEO - Colin Gunn, director of "Wait Till It's Free" talks about what he learned while filming the documentary.

Hospitals and free clinics across the nation are closing due to ObamaCare, which is also causing care to be rationed.

On Tuesday, ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber appeared before Congress to explain his controversial statements made in 2013 when he admitted that the law’s writers took advantage of the “stupidity of the American voter.” Gruber used the hearing as an opportunity to issue more public apologies for his statements.

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