Media maligns parents who refuse to immunize their children, but research reveals an interesting twist to the chickenpox vaccine debate.

An ObamaCare program designed to save money by reducing hospital re-admissions may also be costing thousands of lives, according to a new study.

A federal judge in Texas has declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

The states have been expanding the number of residents eligible for Medicaid ever since ObamaCare created the regulatory ability to do so, and even so-called Red States are moving to put more people on the dole.

The medical profession needs a doctor — stat. This conclusion is inescapable, with stories about how fewer people are entering medicine, leading to a physician shortage; and, more shockingly, about how many doctors are leaving the field for greener pastures. The reasons? Demoralizing, stifling government bureaucracy; the rise of STEM jobs; and younger generations that value status over service.



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