Walmart has announced that it will extend healthcare and other benefits to the domestic partners of its non-married employees — including to homosexual partners.

Citing ObamaCare and immigration reform, the 40,000-strong Longshore and Warehouse Union has ended its affiliation with the AFL-CIO.

According to a study by National Journal, ObamaCare will make individual insurance cost far more than employer-sponsored insurance and encourage employers to drop coverage.



Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is urging Congress to pass immigration reform so that it may help undocumented individuals gain greater access to healthcare services. As observed by the Daily Caller in February, however, a pathway to citizenship may increase the cost of Obamacare up to $300 billion over a decade.

In anticipation of President Obama’s healthcare reform law, U.S. businesses are making drastic changes to employee-benefit plans. 

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