Under the guise of keeping Americans safe by restricting their choices, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is plotting a massive power-grab that could crush the popular natural-health industry under an avalanche of regulatory red tape and policy uncertainty. Consumers could also lose access to an array of natural remedies. The controversial federal plot, which critics say has no basis in law or the Constitution, comes as Americans become increasingly disillusioned with “Big Pharma” and establishment medicine generally. The FDA schemes would protect the profits of well-connected pharmaceutical companies while further aligning U.S. policy with the United Nations “Codex Alimentarius” regime. Criticism of the FDA's proposed scheme is growing louder, though. The public has a week left to comment on the looming regulations.

Twenty states are suing to overturn ObamaCare on the basis that the recent repeal of the individual-mandate penalty renders the Supreme Court’s 2012 decision upholding the law “legally impossible.”

President Trump's budget proposal includes appropriations for ObamaCare bailouts that he previously said should be eliminated.

Delaware lawmakers are considering legislation that would legalize physician-assisted suicide, including that of “intellectually disabled” patients.

Medicaid and ObamaCare's expansion of it are driving the opioid crisis by enabling millions of people to get drugs at almost no cost.

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