Despite virtually every Republican at the federal level running on a platform of repealing ObamaCare, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives just voted to retain the bulk of it under the guise of “repeal and replace.” Now, in addition to keeping in place a dizzying array of unconstitutional and destructive federal meddling in healthcare, Republicans have ensured that they will get the blame as costs continue to surge and care becomes increasingly difficult to access. Everyday Americans and constitutional governance, as usual, will be the main losers. Now the fight moves to the Senate, where analysts expect lawmakers to retain even more of ObamaCare.

Democrats on the California Health Committee panel of the State Senate voted to advance a measure that would ultimately create a single-payer healthcare system, guaranteeing coverage without any out-of-pocket expenses for California residents, including non-citizens.

The United Nations is again acting as a wannabe global government and perverting the meaning of human rights, warning the Trump administration in a bizarre letter that repealing the unconstitutional ObamaCare takeover of health insurance may violate what the UN likes to call “international law.” However, critics were quick to ridicule the UN and its alleged legal reasoning. Instead of oberying, they called for the U.S. government to withdraw from the scandal-plagued UN “Human Rights Council.”

United Healthcare has experienced remarkable growth since opting out of all but a few ObamaCare exchanges, and while this is certainly troublesome for those in favor of ObamaCare, it is not quite a boon for taxpayers and free market proponents. Though United Healthcare's profits have increased by 35 percent, the growth is largely the result of government business in the form of taxpayer-funded Medicare and Medicaid.

Whistleblower Kuauhtemoc Rodriguez is facing retribution after complaining that patients at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital are still enduring exceedingly long wait times. In a letter addressed to Rodriguez, who works at the Phoenix hospital, the VA accuses him of violating the administration's "privacy standards" and threatened him with discipline ranging from "reprimand to removal."  



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