United Healthcare has experienced remarkable growth since opting out of all but a few ObamaCare exchanges, and while this is certainly troublesome for those in favor of ObamaCare, it is not quite a boon for taxpayers and free market proponents. Though United Healthcare's profits have increased by 35 percent, the growth is largely the result of government business in the form of taxpayer-funded Medicare and Medicaid.

Whistleblower Kuauhtemoc Rodriguez is facing retribution after complaining that patients at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital are still enduring exceedingly long wait times. In a letter addressed to Rodriguez, who works at the Phoenix hospital, the VA accuses him of violating the administration's "privacy standards" and threatened him with discipline ranging from "reprimand to removal."  



The Trump administration has failed to put forward a clean repeal of the much-maligned ObamaCare, as promised, and while Trump and establishment Republicans are pointing fingers at who is to blame for the broken promise, Americans continue to buckle under the weight of the "un"-Affordable Care Act. According to the Daily Caller, Knoxville, Tennessee, may be the first city in the country to witness the complete collapse of ObamaCare.

Whether this will inspire the Trump administration to take real action, however, remains to be seen.



After days of acrimony between the Trump White House and the more conservative members of Congress, the golf date on Sunday between Senator Rand Paul and the president to discuss healthcare has raised optimism that ObamaCare may eventually be killed.

Representative Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) introduced legislation to repeal ObamaCare outright and hopes to force a floor vote on it.

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