A single-payer healthcare bill in the California Senate is expected to cost the state $400 billion a year, twice its current annual budget, according to a Senate committee report.

An outbreak of measles among a small unvaccinated population in Minnesota could spell trouble for the anti-vax community, as it may prompt yet another push for forced vaccinations.

By passing the latest effort at government-managed healthcare, the House of Representatives demonstrates the century-old fascination with seeking social justice.

Despite virtually every Republican at the federal level running on a platform of repealing ObamaCare, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives just voted to retain the bulk of it under the guise of “repeal and replace.” Now, in addition to keeping in place a dizzying array of unconstitutional and destructive federal meddling in healthcare, Republicans have ensured that they will get the blame as costs continue to surge and care becomes increasingly difficult to access. Everyday Americans and constitutional governance, as usual, will be the main losers. Now the fight moves to the Senate, where analysts expect lawmakers to retain even more of ObamaCare.

Democrats on the California Health Committee panel of the State Senate voted to advance a measure that would ultimately create a single-payer healthcare system, guaranteeing coverage without any out-of-pocket expenses for California residents, including non-citizens.

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