The latest assault on religious liberty is the Healthcare Right of Conscience bill signed by the Republican governor of Illinois mandating that medical personnel and pregnancy centers counsel patients on the "benefits" of abortion.

An oversight report by an independent taxpayer watchdog into the Veterans Affairs administration reveals more troubling information connected to the VA scandal, Fox News reports. According to the report's findings, the VA spent $20 million on artwork and sculptures and added nearly 40,000 new jobs, though just one in 11 were medical positions, all while more than a thousand veterans died awaiting medical care.

Some doctors in Vermont do not like being told to help their patients commit suicide — and they are suing to stop it.

Last week the Justice Department charged a Miami-area healthcare operator, a hospital administrator, and a physician’s assistant with conspiracy for submitting fraudulent bills to Medicare and Medicaid exceeding $1 billion.

More than two-thirds of the ObamaCare co-ops have failed, with even more likely to go under in the near future, thanks in part to hefty fees imposed by the Obama administration.

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