Swine flu shotThe coming swine flu vaccination campaign is expected to begin in October. But with vaccine safety tests being fast-tracked under “public health emergency” rules and the use of some questionable ingredients, many health experts are warning about a myriad of risks associated with the vaccine and the importance of being educated.

elderly“Mexicare: $250 a year covers it all” declared the Arizona Republic website headline on August 29. The Mexican Social Security Institute, known as IMSS, provides healthcare with no limits and no deductibles for $250 or less per year, and American seniors are heading south of the border to take advantage while it lasts.

Massachusetts General Court (State Legislature)A pandemic and disaster preparation bill (S. 2028) passed unanimously by the Massachusetts Senate earlier this year is receiving wide-spread criticism as citizens mobilize to oppose its passage in the commonwealth’s House of Representatives.

Peter DeFazio“Open borders, open hearts show humanity, Workers from all walks of life enrich democracy,” the Raging Grannies, a group of older women who protest everything from war to immigration laws, sang to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” I knew right then that this 1,200 person filled-to-capacity town-hall meeting I was attending on August 18 in Eugene, Oregon, was stacked in favor of the liberal-left.

newborn babyDespite President Obama's assurances that healthcare reform will neither pay for abortions nor "pull the plug on grandma," conservative and pro-life organizations are opposing what they say is a thinly disguised provision for public funding of abortion. And at least one group contends that senior citizens will be denied live-saving medical care while taxpayer dollars go to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

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