healthcare debateAt most public gatherings focused on President Barack Obama's healthcare reform proposals, Americans have expressed their strong feelings in a peaceful and civil manner. However, on August 6, town hall meetings in Tampa, Florida, and St. Louis, Missouri, got out of hand and led to several arrests. Fox News reported on August 7 that police intervened to restore order, and St. Louis officers made six arrests, including some for assault.

Ron PaulWith Congress on recess, America is momentarily in the eye of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform storm. Now is the perfect time to get a second opinion to the president’s diagnosis, and who better to give one than a real doctor: Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas).

HealthCarePresident Barack Obama has a prescription to fix what ails America’s current healthcare system. He presented his essential ideas during ABC’s Prescription for America TV special on June 24.

Lois CappsAssociated Press reported on August 5 that “health care legislation before Congress would allow a new government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortions, a decision that would affect millions of women and recast federal policy on the divisive issue.” Forces on both sides of the debate are gearing up for a renewed battle once Congress returns from its recess.

DepressionBetween 1996 and 2005, Reuters reports, the use of anti-depressants doubled to nearly 10 percent of the American population. In 1996, the figure was 13 million. Now, it's 27 million.

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