healthcareThe good news is that President Obama’s healthcare bill has little chance of passing. The bad news is that the bill may pass, and it reflects the fact that Obama knows absolutely nothing about doctors, clearly doesn’t like them, and doesn’t understand one of the most important codicils of his bills.

obama press conference july 22, 2009President Obama has decided to sell a government-directed healthcare system as a deficit control measure. “If we do not control these costs” of healthcare, Obama told reporters in a nationally televised press conference July 22, “we will not be able to control our deficit.” Obama stressed “the biggest driving force behind our federal deficit is the skyrocketing cost of Medicare and Medicaid.”

Obama giving speech on healthcarePresident Barack Obama’s push for healthcare reform is being stymied for some very different reasons.

“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer, universal healthcare plan.... That’s what I’d like to see, but as all of you know, we may not get there immediately.” — Barack Obama, June 2003. (Click here to see video.)

Harry & Louise & Uncle Sam

Written by Steven J. DuBord

They’re back, and they’ve changed their tune. Harry and Louise, the fictional couple who starred in television commercials about healthcare reform about 15 years ago, have gone from being skeptical to enthusiastic.

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