Despite government’s assurance that water quality in Flint, Michigan, is improving, wary residents distrust both their tap water and the environmental bureaucrats who caused the crisis.

Psych meds for kids at gunpoint will no longer be tolerated, at least in one state. A powerful new law to protect children from coercive psychiatric screening and drugging was approved last year by the state of New Mexico. And now, advocates hope to provide similar protections for kids, families, and parental rights across the remaining 49 states. As Big Pharma and the Obama administration push hard to unconstitutionally expand mandatory “mental health” screening, tracking, and treatment for children nationwide, health-freedom supporters say state laws such as New Mexico's could offer much-needed protection in the years ahead. And progress is already being made. 

The U.S. Supreme Court began hearing arguments in another case involving the ObamaCare contraception mandate.



Last week’s final approval of Indiana’s new abortion law is causing a nationwide stir, and not just among the expected pro-abortion activists. The controversy is also coming from some who claim a pro-life position.

A report by the Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general confirms that there has been wait time manipulation at the VA medical center in Little Rock, Arkansas. While previous reports regarding various other VA facilities reveal manipulated wait times, the Daily Caller observes the Little Rock report is “particularly damning.”

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