New research, published in the medical journal Nature, suggests that scientists have for the first time come to a better and more thorough understanding of the genetic basis for cancer. The research may point to new and more effective treatments in the future.

Bush Signing Bailout BillITEM: The New York Times for October 6 reported: "More than one-third of all Americans will soon receive better insurance coverage for mental health treatments because of a new law that, for the first time, requires equal coverage of mental and physical illnesses. The requirement, included in the economic bailout bill that President Bush signed on Friday, is the result of 12 years of passionate advocacy by friends and relatives of people with mental illness and addiction disorders. They described the new law as a milestone in the quest for civil rights, an effort to end insurance discrimination and to reduce the stigma of mental illness."

Doctor and childSeven months after instituting the only state child universal healthcare program in the country, Hawaii is dropping the plan. According to an AP article, the state could no longer afford the plan though it only enrolled about 2,000 of the state's estimated 3,500 to 16,000 uninsured children.

Golden Gate BridgeA federal appeals court recently upheld a San Francisco ruling requiring employers to either offer healthcare coverage to their employees or fund a citywide healthcare program. The stipulation applies to private businesses that employ 20 or more workers and nonprofit organizations with 50 or more. Of the yearly $200 million cost of the city's two-year-old program, 80 percent is drawn from state and local taxes, and a patient fee based on income. The ruling requires San Francisco businesses to help pay the remainder of the bill for the city's uninsured.

MRI MachineAmericans who want national healthcare should examine the results where it has already been tried.

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