At least for the duration of the Chinese virus crisis, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will not arrest illegal aliens who are not dangerous criminals, and instead will exercise “discretion” and likely let them run free.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement continued its war against sanctuary cities last week on multiple fronts.

Of the 473,682 immigrants apprehended while illegally entering the United States with a family member during fiscal 2019, 375,000 were released inside our country.

The Border Patrol had another banner week catching the put-upon “migrants” who are running from violence and poverty in Mexico and Central America, at least the way the open borders crowd sees them.

Cops in Montgomery County, Maryland, have arrested yet another illegal alien on yet another rape charge. Though the story is much the same as others, it does have a twist. Cops picked him up for a sex crime last summer, but prosecutors dismissed the charge.

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