Contrary to what exiled CNN reporter Jim Acosta said about the “migrant caravan,” they are indeed scaling the border fence and attempting to enter the United States illegally, even as Congress fights over border-wall funding.

About 400 migrants, including a group identifying as “LGBT,” arrived at the border city of Tijuana, ahead of the main caravan that intends to cross into the United States illegally.

Thanks to virtue-signaling Democrats in New Jersey, three people in Missouri are dead at the hands of an illegal alien who should have been deported, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said on Friday.

In his proclamation denying asylum to those crossing illegally, President Trump noted that the Border Patrol is overwhelmed at the border and handling some 2,000 aliens every day.

President Trump kept his promise to issue an order that will prevent the relentless migrant horde streaming across Mexico for the southern border from claiming asylum and entering the United States.

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