In light of the recent Deep State-fabricated “refugee crisis,” the United States should reconsider the Refugee Act of 1980, in order to avoid that "crisis" from spreading from Europe to the United States.

Border Patrol and ICE agents are facing an increasingly violent illegal immigrant population. Who's to blame for that?

President Trump’s signature campaign issue, the border wall, has thus far has been thwarted by immigrationist congressmen. But the president now has a remedy for their obstructionism: He may have the military build the structure.






President Trump said it again on Wednesday. If I don’t get a border wall, I’ll shut down the government when it comes time to vote for more money to keep the government running.

A federal court ruled that President Barack Obama’s amnesty for illegal-alien children, which he hoped would flood the country with millions of potential Democratic voters, is as illegal as the aliens it seeks to protect.

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