Monday, 28 June 2010

Senator Says President Purposely Leaving Border Unsecured

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While speaking at a North Tempe Arizona Tea Party town hall meeting, Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) told the audience that during a a private, face-to-face meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office, the President admitted to the senator that with regard to the invasion occurring along the southern border, "The problem is...if we secure the border, then you all won't have any reason to support 'comprehensive immigration reform.' "

Kyl points to this reported moment of naked honesty as evidence that the president and his party "don't want to secure the border unless or until it is combined" with a broader immigration reform package.

That is to say, if the President's dictum is true, then the President of the United States is purposely permitting one of the states of the union to be invaded by Mexican criminals in open, rebellious, and unrepentant violation of Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution which compels the government of the United States to protect every state in the union from invasion.

For its part, the White House contradict's Senator Kyl's version of the conversation between the president and the senator.

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer declared, "the president didn't say that Senator Kyl knows it. There are more resources dedicated toward border security today than ever before, but the as the President has made clear, truly securing the border will require a comprehensive solution to our broken immigration system."

Perhaps it hasn't occurred to the President or his spokesmen that a very simple solution to our "broken immigration system" is to begin enforcing the laws already enacted to control the influx of legal immigrants and to punish those who contravene the laws promulgated by the legally elected representatives of the people of the United States.

After learning of the President's denial, a battle of the spokesman ensued as Kyl's spokesman Ryan Patmintra re-asserted his boss's position and plainly declared that Senator Kyl was sticking by his recollection of the Oval Office tête-à-tête. "There were two people in that meeting," Patmintra said, "and Dan Pfeiffer was not one of them."

Curiously, Pfeiffer's recasting of the conversation between Senator Kyl and President Obama contained little more than an restatement of the comments Kyl attributed to the President. Mentioning the dire need for "comprehensive immigration reform" before we begin "truly securing the border" seems just another way of saying exactly what Senator Kyl reports that the president told him in private.

Americans should demand that the President and Congress fulfill their constitutional injunction to protect the states against invasion and do so immediately, regardless of concomitant legislative initiative in a similar area.

Photo: A group of Honduran migrants watch from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande as others take a bath while waiting for a good moment to cross the river into the U.S. in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico: AP Images

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