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Andy Ramirez Blasts Sovereign Challenge Conference, U.S. Border Security

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Andy RamirezIn the video report available below, Liberty News Network national correspondent and border-issues expert Andy Ramirez offers in-depth analysis and insight regarding a recent conference held in El Paso dealing with U.S. border security and related matters. The event, known as the Sovereign Challenge Conference, included some of the top brass in the border-enforcement arena.

But despite offering praise for border patrol agents, Ramirez highlights some of the absurdities that are part of America’s supposed security efforts. One of the biggest problems relates to sharing information with the blatantly corrupt Mexican regime.

“When you’re sharing information with the leaders and government of Mexico, you’re sharing information with their cartels,” Ramirez points out, citing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) informant who claims the cartels and the regime are one and the same.

Referring to current border-enforcement policies as “a joke” that “everybody knows” are a joke, Ramirez also discusses the distortions used by high-level officials to conceal the true problems — and the astounding lack of real solutions. Leadership is where the problem is, he explains.

Since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security under former President George W. Bush, efforts to control the border have become even more pitiful, Ramirez says. The programs that were yielding positive results have been cut or scaled back, while “support” for the Mexican government and other counter-productive measures have been stepped up.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Alan Bersin, one of the speakers at the conference, also has some very serious questions to answer, according to Ramirez. Watch the video below to see for yourself:

Andy Ramirez is the founder and president of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, as well as founder and president of Friends of the Border Patrol. Liberty News Network is an affiliated news group of The John Birch Society.

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