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Refugee Controversy Hits U.S. Heartland

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Montana’s nickname is Big Sky Country. Anyone who has driven through the state understands: Full of rolling hills and jagged mountain peaks, the scenic views are amazing. On a sunny day the sky above seems an endless blue sea. On a clear night away from city lights, the sight of the expanse of stars leaves one breathless.

But now in Missoula, Montana, all eyes are focused on President Obama's foreign refugee controversy, as the administration and its loyal army of community organizers are attempting to spread masses of these “refugees” into small towns throughout the United States, and Missoula residents are hotly debating the issue.

Last week more than 120 people from across Montana passed over snow- and ice-covered roads to rally in front of the Missoula County Courthouse in protest of the Obama administration’s push to insert the refugees not only into Missoula, but also the state capital of Helena and other small towns and communities across the state.

Karen Sherman was one speaker in front of the crowd in Missoula. Having recently moved from Amarillo, Texas — a city that has been swamped with refugees over the last 15 years — she stood amidst the swirling snowflakes and spoke her mind:

Amarillo is overrun with refugees. [My former] city is failing because of the refugees. We have 22 different languages spoken in our schools. We’ve got 42 languages being fielded by our 911 call centers, and crime is just through the roof. We need to exercise caution, especially for the sake of our children.

She said she was only too happy to leave behind the crime and social disorder brought on largely because of the U.S. State Department’s insertion of thousands of refugees, done in cooperation with the United Nations.

People such as Karen are concerned that towns and cities across the United States could begin to see increased gang- and refugee-related violence like what has occured in Cologne, Germany, or Stockholm, Sweden — areas which have seen, in recent months, scores of immigrant men raping women and children alike.

Recently named by the FBI as the fifth most dangerous city in Texas, Amarillo also has the third highest rate of rape per capita in the entire United States — a fact that Sherman believes is tied directly to the large number of refugees planted there by the U.S. State Department and the United Nations.

Said Sherman,

The rape epidemic in this world is becoming pandemic. It’s not confined to one location. Fifteen years ago in Norway, rape was unheard of. Now it’s an epidemic. The perpetrators are 100 percent Muslim males. In Sweden, rape has gone up by 500 percent. Stockholm recently had the dubious honor of opening their very first rape center for men and boys.

The U.K. city of Rotherham knows the story well also. Between 1997 and 2013, more than 1,400 children were raped and tortured there. Fearing to be labeled “racists,” Rotherham police were not naming the perpetrators as Pakistani Muslim men, and the rapes continued unabated.

While Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called for the flood of refugees to be stopped, in essence it’s already too late. Karen Sherman highlighted the new problem, called “family reunification": If even a single refugee is allowed into the country, that person is entitled by law to bring his or her entire extended family into the country.

Concerning the incoming tide of immigrants and the decision of many of them to place radical Muslim ideologies above existing U.S. laws, Sherman said, “If people don’t chose to follow the law, you cannot hire enough police officers [to deal with the problem].” Though America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, Sherman made note that U.S. citizens should not expect Third World migrants to enter our country sharing those values — a truth which has already come to light in Rotherham, Stockholm, and Cologne. 

Speaking to the crowd in Missoula, Sherman stated,

Whether you believe [in the Judeo-Christian God] or not, your values and your principles were influenced by that. Now we’re asking that these people come here, who have been taught for thousands of years ... violence and hatred, and we’re expecting them to come here and assimilate to our way of life. This is a dangerous and foolish expectation.

Of the nearly 8,000 foreign refugees sent to Texas since January 2002, more than 5,200 have been planted in Amarillo — over half of all refugees sent to the state during that time span. Now reports are that President Obama is increasing the number of refugees bound for America in 2016 to 85,000, a 20-percent increase from last year. And many of them will be hailing from jihadist-inflamed Syria.

The group ACT for America is a grassroots organization “dedicated to national security and defeating terrorism.” With 890 chapters and 280,000 members, the non-partisan group “educates citizens and elected officials to help impact national security policy.” The Montana chapter of ACT for America has been attempting to stop pro-migrant group Soft Landing Missoula from bringing Third World refugees into the state. Soft Landing has been working with city and county officials to plant refugees into Missoula as quietly and discreetly as possible; however, many Montanans are concerned that the scene will not remain serene after such an influx.

Like a page right out of the Rotherham newpapers, the common way pro-foreign refugee groups are fighting people’s concerns is to label anyone who speaks out a "racist." In 2013 the group Hebrew Immigrant Society published a field manual on how to deal with these “pockets of resistance.” A key strategy found therein was to research people’s backgrounds and find ways to publicly identify them as “anti-Muslim” racists.

Often trained by the organization Welcoming America, which was founded with money from pro-refugee billionaire globalist George Soros, the community organizers have as their goal to convert millions of refugees and immigrants into full-fledged voting American citizens. Leading the helm at Welcoming America is close Obama advisor David Lubell. With people such as Soros funding the activities and Lubell at the helm of the “community based organizations,” the agencies' modus operandi is to send mere handfuls of refugees to begin with and then steadily increase the numbers to hundreds per year.

As The New American has noted,

If humanitarianism was truly the motivation, though, countless experts have pointed out that it would be radically more cost effective to help refugees and victims of globalist wars closer to their homes. Literally 25 to 50 times more people could be supported in Lebanon or Jordan than in Europe, for the same amount of tax funds. The wars that destroyed those countries and caused the crisis to begin with would never have been launched if the purported “humanitarian concerns” of the establishment were genuine. Instead, the agenda is to advance globalism, pure and simple, and the establishment barely even seems interested in concealing that fact anymore.

Indeed, the refugee crisis is not and never has been about coming to the aid of people in need. If it were, the place to do that would be in the refugees' own homelands. People in places such as Missoula are concerned that their once-peaceful communities will be forced to follow the lead of Amarillo, Cologne, Stockholm, and Rotherham — scenes far removed from that currently enjoyed in areas of the Big Sky Country.

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