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Murder Spree: Victims of Obama’s Illegal Alien Catch-&-Release Policies Multiply

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The recent murder spree by illegal alien Pablo Serrano-Vitorino (shown), that took the lives of five men in Kansas and Missouri, underscores the worsening migration crisis that has become a central issue in this year’s presidential election campaign. Pablo Serrano-Vitorino had had repeated run-ins with the law and had been convicted, imprisoned, and deported. But that didn’t stop him from re-entering the United States and, allegedly, gunning down four men in Kansas City, Missouri, on the evening of March 7, and another man in Montgomery County, Missouri, on March 8. Since his capture on March 8, the question foremost in many minds is: “How long will this insanity continue, and what can be done to reclaim control over our borders?"

Donald Trump, who has made border security and deportation of illegal aliens a central theme of his campaign, has been the chief political beneficiary of this concern. His star has been boosted by survivors who have spoken at his rallies to tell how their family members were murdered by alien criminals who had repeatedly evaded our immigration laws. Conversely, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the presidential race following his poor second-place showing in his home state of Florida, was undoubtedly hurt by his pro-amnesty record and the public denunciations of him by parents whose children had been killed by illegal aliens.

Last week House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) pressed the Obama administration for answers about how the previously deported Serrano-Vitorino, a Mexican national, had managed to return to the U.S. and carry out his murderous rampage.

“Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino, an alien illegally present in the United States, allegedly murdered five people on or about March 8, 2016, in Kansas City, Kansas and Montgomery County, Missouri,” Chairmen Goodlatte and Grassley wrote in a March 14 letter to Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). “According to information provided to our committees by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Serrano-Vitorino entered the country illegally in 1993, committed a series of crimes, and was removed in April 2004. The same month he was removed, he illegally reentered, but was voluntarily returned by the Border Patrol. Serrano-Vitorino illegally reentered the United States again sometime before June 2007 and resumed his criminal activity.”  

The Goodlatte-Grassley letter continues:

According to ICE, Serrano-Vitorino has been arrested and charged with numerous crimes, including: communicating a threat with intent to terrorize; battery of a spouse; several driving without a license offenses; a subsequent felony conviction for communicating a threat with intent to terrorize, reportedly based on his threat to kill his wife with a rifle, for which he was sentenced to incarceration for two years; two arrests for driving under the influence, which resulted in one conviction; and a conviction for domestic battery.

On at least two occasions, ICE was notified of Serrano-Vitorino’s arrests, but for various reasons, did not take custody of him. It appears that there was a systemic failure to effectively communicate between ICE and local law enforcement entities, allowing Serrano-Vitorino to evade removal by taking advantage of at least one sanctuary jurisdiction and weak immigration enforcement policies. As a result, five people in Missouri and Kansas were murdered, allegedly by Serrano-Vitorino, an alien who had illegally entered the United States on multiple occasions and consistently demonstrated his utter disregard for our laws.

Laura Wilkerson, whose 18-year-old son Josh was viciously beaten, tortured, strangled, and set on fire by the son of illegal aliens, was among the witnesses who provided gut-wrenching testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last year about the devastating impact of criminal aliens on American lives.

As a featured speaker at a huge March 5 Trump rally in Orlando, Florida, Wilkerson again recounted the story of her son’s gruesome murder at the hands of Hermilo Moralez, and bitterly denounced Senator Rubio for his role as a member of the notorious “Gang of Eight” that crafted the bi-partisan immigration-amnesty “reform” bill.  The Gang of Eight was comprised of four Democrats — Senator Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), Senator Michael Bennet (Colo.), Senator Richard J. Durbin (Ill.), Bob Menendez (N.J.) — and four Republicans — Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain (both of Arizona), Senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.), and Senator Marco Rubio, (Fla.).

“Rubio was Obama’s amnesty pitchman — putting the country and its people in grave jeopardy,” Wilkerson told the large Trump rally. “Rubio’s bill gave amnesty to sex offenders, child molesters, gang members, drunk drivers, domestic abusers and countless criminal aliens. He should have resigned in disgrace at that point.”

Wilkerson was among the many signers of the recent open letter to Republican voters from The Remembrance Project’s “stolen lives” families “who have lost ... children, siblings, parents and other close family members to senseless illegal alien killings.” The letter accuses Rubio of being “the single most egregious Congressional promoter of open borders.”

“To bury your own child or loved one causes a pain beyond description or imagination, and a suffering we will carry every day of our lives,” the letter reads.

As surviving families, we ask "Why was this allowed to be done to our innocent loved ones?" The inconvenient truth is that we have been betrayed by politicians who have not merely failed, but who have intentionally refused to enforce our immigration laws that would protect our families. Consequently, the people we so dearly loved have been sacrificed, many murdered in cold blood, by violent criminal illegal aliens who should never have been allowed into our communities. Sadly, the single most egregious Congressional promoter of open borders is GOP Senator Marco Rubio. As a key member of the notorious “immigration reform” Gang of Eight committee, Rubio’s amnesty plan was hatched, not only to give mass amnesty to illegals, but was done through daily lies about its contents.

Another signer of the “stolen lives” letter, Dan Golvach, has been equally scornful of GOP presidential candidates Senator Ted Cruz and and Governor John Kasich. Golvach, a Texas resident whose son Spencer was shot in the head and killed by an illegal alien while stopped at a traffic light, says Cruz does not seem “really all that interested in protecting us from illegal aliens.” But he reserves his  harshest words for Ohio Governor Kasich.

“John Kasich is the most traitorous of the bunch,” Golvach told “What he’s proposing will end America,” Golvach said, referring to Kasich’s proclaimed desire to enact amnesty within his first 100 days in office.“John Kasich is the poster-boy puppet," for his donors, says Golvach. "He couldn’t care less about what negative effect it [amnesty] would have on American workers, what negative effect it would have on American families. There would be no more America — he would finish us off. It’s just treason…. I can’t stand him. And I guarantee you, find any other families of dead kids — a father of a dead kid like me — and they’d agree.”

While The Remembrance Project’s “stolen lives” families provide the important human faces to underscore the tragedy not conveyed by impersonal statistics, statistical data is vitally important, nevertheless, to grasp the enormity of the present crisis.

Free to Kill: 124 Criminal Aliens Released By Obama Policies Charged With Homicide
On March 14, the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released its analysis of federal data showing that, since 2010, the U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) has turned loose at least 124 alien criminals charged with 135 homicides.

“A total of 121 criminal aliens who were freed by ICE over the five-year period between 2010 and 2014 were subsequently charged with homicide-related crimes within that time frame,” notes the CIS study author Jessica Vaughn. (Three more were charged in 2015.) “These 121 accused murderers were associated with 250 different communities in the United States, with the most clustered in California, New York and Texas,” the CIS analysis reports.

The CIS report continues:

These aliens were charged with a total of 135 homicide-related crimes after release. Two of them had homicide-related convictions even before they were released.

These aliens had 464 criminal convictions prior to release by ICE, ranging from drug crimes to DUI and other driving offenses to larceny and theft.

Another three aliens who were released by ICE during that time were charged with homicides during the first 10 months of FY2015, bring the total number of criminals aliens released by ICE who subsequently were charged with homicide to 124.

Each of these criminal acts involves personal tragedy for the victims, their friends, and loved ones. However, the CIS study only tells part of the story and doesn’t quantify the full extent of the national crime wave that has resulted from the ongoing evisceration of our immigration system and border enforcement. Part of the reason for that is many state and local law-enforcement jurisdictions do not report the immigration status of those arrested and incarcerated.

A 2011 study by the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) entitled, “CRIMINAL ALIEN STATISTICS: Information on Incarcerations, Arrests, and Costs,” remains, perhaps, the most extensive report on the alien crime situation in America. The alarming picture it painted then has gotten even more alarming in the five years since its publication.

According to the GAO report, “The number of criminal aliens in federal prisons in fiscal year 2010 was about 55,000, and the number of SCAAP [State Criminal Alien Assistance Program ] criminal alien incarcerations in state prison systems and local jails was about 296,000 in fiscal year 2009 (the most recent data available), and the majority were from Mexico.”

The report notes the number of criminal aliens in federal prisons "increased about 7 percent from about 51,000 in fiscal year 2005 while the number of SCAAP criminal alien incarcerations in state prison systems and local jails increased about 35 percent from about 220,000 in fiscal year 2003.”

Below is a list from the GAO report accounting for some of the nearly three million crimes for which these incarcerated aliens were convicted. The illegal alien crime wave includes:

Homicide — 25,604
Assault —  213,047
Larceny/Theft — 125,322
Burglary — 115,045
Motor vehicle theft — 81,710
Sex offense — 69,929
Robbery — 42,609
Kidnapping — 14,788

Tens of thousands of crimes have been committed since then by illegal aliens, who have been given easy access to our communities. In a March 13 interview on Fox News Insider, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that more than 3,000 illegal immigrants criminals he sent to ICE for deportation had returned to his state's jails.

"So what's going on?" Sheriff Arpaio asked. "Are they going to the border and keep hopping the fence or keep coming across? Or are they let out on the streets of Maricopa County?"

"It's very disgusting,” the sheriff said. “Something has to be done about this illegal immigration problem." Arpaio, who is a Donald Trump supporter, said the answer is deporting illegal immigrants and making the border more secure. "Why should we surrender? The greatest country in the world, we can't take care of this problem?"

Photo of Pablo Serrano-Vitorino: AP Images

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