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Antifa Reveals Identities of ICE Agents — Using Information Given by College Professor

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Antifa, the leftist group known for Brownshirt tactics, is at it again. It just tweeted out a list of 1,595 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents’ identities — information passed to it by a New York University college professor. As the Daily Caller reports:

The Twitter account “nebraska antifa” sent out a tweet to its followers on Tuesday that linked to the personal information of ICE officers compiled from information found on LinkedIn.

“Some enterprising hero archived the ICE employees listed on linkedin,” the tweet reads.

A Twitter user who goes by Sam Lavigne compiled the list of ICE agents’ identities, titles and locations. In a tweet on Tuesday morning he says he “scraped LinkedIn for people that work for ICE.”

The Medium link in Lavigne’s was no longer available as of Tuesday night.

While the original post of ICE personal information has been removed, the Antifa Twitter account linked to an archived post, where viewers can access the Lavigne’s original database.

Lavigne created the database in response to ICE’s “inhumane” efforts in on the border, according to his archived Medium post.

“I’ve downloaded and made available the profiles of (almost) everyone on LinkedIn who works for ICE, 1,595 people in total. While I don’t have a precise idea of what should be done with this data set, I leave it here with the hope that researchers, journalists, and activists will find it useful,” Lavigne wrote on Medium.

Of course, what Lavigne really hopes is that this sharing of private information — a favored leftist tactic known as “doxxing” — will lead to harassment of, and maybe even violence against, the ICE agents. This accords with Rule 12 in Saul “the Red” Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals: “Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.” The book, which is dedicated to Lucifer (seriously), is considered a bible of leftist activism.

This story gets even more interesting because it turns out that the data-diving Twitter user doesn’t just go by the name Sam Lavigne. Lavigne, a far-left artist and game designer, is actually “an adjunct professor at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts,” the Caller reported in a later article.

That the culprit here is an academic won’t surprise anyone acquainted with higher (mis)education. Democrat professors outnumber Republican ones on college campuses approximately 10 to 1, and one study found that almost 40 percent of examined liberal-arts colleges had no Republicans whatsoever.

And the left of this academic Left have truly left sanity. Consider Ward Churchill, the disgraced ex-University of Colorado ethnic-studies professor fired in 2007 after likening 9/11 victims to Nazis (he called them “little Eichmanns), and former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click, fired in 2016 after committing third-degree assault (video below). Ideologically, they’re not all that rare in academia, which has long been a leftist-indoctrination intellectual death trap.

Yet the violent spirit reflected in Click and Antifa — which has even been condemned by the liberal Anti- Defamation League — has always characterized what we call the “Left.” The Left murdered thousands in the “Reign of Terror” after its birth during the French Revolution period. Joseph Stalin and his Soviets killed at least 20 million people, China’s Mao Tse-tung approximately 60 million, and Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge wiped out one-quarter to one-third of Cambodia’s population in just four years (’75-’79). All told, Marxist regimes exterminated approximately 100 million people during the 20th century, which likely makes them history’s most prolific mass murderers.

None of this is surprising. The Left has always opposed Christianity and the concept of Moral Truth itself and embraced a moral relativism/nihilism epitomized by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s observation, “Without God, all things are permitted.” Note here that famed French philosopher and part-time Maoist Jean-Paul Sartre endorsed this idea, calling it his existentialism’s “starting point.” Also note that the vile and vicious Khmer Rouge are said to have been influenced by his philosophy.

And so it is today. Whether it’s Antifa, Black Lives Matter, BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), or some other leftist group, the credo is violence over veritas. (Interview with BAMN organizer Yvette Felarca below — it’s a must-see.)

By the way, Antifa-ally Felarca is, like Lavigne, an “educator.” And while she advocates violence and is currently facing charges of felonious assault, she’s still employed molding young minds at her Berkeley, California, middle school.

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