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The Boston Poison Tea Party: City May Give Non-citizens Voting Rights

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America isn’t just for Americans anymore. That’s the message of Boston’s City Council, as it’s considering giving foreigners residing in the US the “right” to vote in municipal elections. It’s part of a growing movement that has already seen numerous localities throughout the nation grant legally present non-citizens ballot-box access.

Such a proposal would bring laughter (and perhaps sometimes violence) in Mexico and virtually any other country on Earth, but in the United States the joke’s on us. The Boston Herald reports, “The Boston City Council will consider ways it can let noncitizens vote in city elections ... [today] in a hearing on a controversial measure being pushed by Council President Andrea Campbell.”

The paper continues, “‘All members of a community should have the right to participate and be included in the governance of that community,’ Campbell’s order states, noting that Boston has a foreign-born population of more than 190,000, or 28 percent.”

Unsaid is that, presumably, most of these people are foreign-born naturalized citizens who already would have voting rights. Otherwise, what’s the message? That a foreign takeover in progress should be abetted to completion?

It appears that Campbell’s proposal is partially motivated by opposition to President Trump, as she tweeted Monday, “I can no longer only go to rallies or send resolutions to Trump; what can we DO at the local level to support our immigrants? The discussion will include voting & OTHER possibilities.”

Insofar as opposition to the president does animate this, it would be what’s called “Cutting off your nose to spite your face” — that is, among people who actually cared about the country.

Unsurprisingly, this proposal is pushed with the usual fallacious arguments. As the Herald informs, Campbell’s “order also states that non-U.S. citizens paid $116 million in state and local taxes and generated over $3.4 billion in spending, according to a 2015 city report.”

Unmentioned is that these foreigners only paid $116 million in taxes and generated more than $3.4 billion in spending because they made far more than that living in our nation. That is their reward and is what keeps them here. The implication that they’re being denied some alleged birthright is shameful propaganda.

The Herald also tells us that Campbell’s order — which is co-sponsored by seven other councilors — “calls for the council to ‘explore voting rights’ for people with green cards, or legal permanent residents, as well as ‘visa holders, Temporary Protected status recipients, and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients,’ groups that include refugees granted asylum and illegal immigrants who were brought here as children.”

It’s a proposal reflecting the un-American, globalist, no-borders mentality prevalent among today’s Left. Not only would it be considered insanity virtually the world over, but notable here is Mexico’s standard: Under its constitution, naturalized citizens can never, ever enjoy the full rights of citizenship.

Yet many American cities do now grant aliens voting rights, with College Park, Maryland, having done so last year. Moreover, as Newsweek wrote in 2017,Several other cities in Maryland already allow noncitizens to vote locally. Chicago and San Francisco also offer limited noncitizen voting. The trend runs counter to the anti-immigration sentiment in many areas of the country, but supporters say residents of cities and towns should have a say in how their government operates, whether they are citizens or not.”

Of course, it isn’t actually “their government”; their government is that which runs the country of which they’re still citizens. Yet Newsweek’s terminology makes sense if you seek to erode our sovereignty and view, as writer Michael Anton recently put it, America as “the common property of all mankind.”

It also aligns, however, with a shocking 2015 claim made by radio host Sue Payne. In an interview that year with talk-giant Mark Levin, she claimed she was privy to a conversation among Barack Obama administration officials in which they said they were using “illegal aliens as ‘seedlings’…[who] will ‘navigate, not assimilate,’ as they ‘take over the host,’ create a ‘country within a country’ and start ‘pushing the citizens into the shadows,’ as I reported at the time.

Some would say this process is already well underway, too. Not only do some states grant illegals driver’s licenses and in-state college tuition benefits, but the Senate Rules Committee in California actually appointed an illegal alien to a statewide post earlier this year. And it was announced just last month that a Golden State school would be named after a homosexual illegal alien — one who has committed numerous felonies.

So what’s in it for the statist politicians advancing these schemes? Power. Ever since 1968, 85-90 percent of our immigrants have hailed from the Third World, and 70 to 90 percent of them vote Democrat upon naturalization — and these leftist tendencies are even greater among illegals. Leftists are importing their voters.

It’s the principle, if you can’t get the voters to change the government, change the voters. Remember, not all armies come with guns and bombs.

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