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Migrant Invasion Force Doubles and Another From El Salvador Starts

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The “caravan” of Central Americans snaking toward the U.S. border through Mexico is almost 10 times the size of the group that started marching from Honduras on October 12, news reports say.

It shows no signs of stopping, Mexican authorities are pushing it north, and it’s now unclear whether even President Trump has the courage to stop the army of jobless illegal aliens when they storm the border.

This “migrant crisis” is, as Trump says, a national emergency, and even worse, another caravan has begun in El Salvador.

The Latest
Media reports had put the number of migrants in the metastasizing human tsunami at anywhere from 6,500 to 7,500. As well, the U.S., Mexico, and United Nations had come up with a plan to deal with the problem.

But yesterday, news reports put the number at 14,000, nearly 10 times the 1,600 who left Honduras on what used to be Columbus Day.

According to Breitbart, “the Mexican El Universal news outlet is reporting that more than 14,000 Hondurans — not counting people from other countries who are marching toward the United States — are leaving that Central American nation to seek asylum here.” The figure came from “‘municipal authorities,’ the Catholic Diocese in the Mexican city of Tapachula, and the Mexican National Migration Institute (INM).”

And the marching horde, which carries the Honduran flag and paints Old Glory with swastikas only to burn it, has offiical help, the Washington Times reported. Mexican cops “who failed to stop them at that country’s border with Guatemala now serve as escorts for the caravan as it barrels north, its members clear that they have no intention of staying in Mexico, and have eyes only for the U.S.”

Troops on the Border
Trump has said he will declare a national emergency and has sent 2,100 National Guardsmen from Texas, California, New Mexico, and Arizona to the border, 1,000 of whom are unarmed.

The question is, what will they do when the caravan arrives and begins pushing across? Will the troops fight back, or as authorities in Guatemala and Mexico have done, will they surrender the border and let the migrants enter?

Whatever the answer, one thing is clear, as The New American reported yesterday: The caravan is an organized invasion of the United States. The media frequently quote its “leaders,” who are affiliated with Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders), a group of leftist, anti-American subversives operating behind the facade of concern for pool illegal aliens who have nowhere to go.

News stories have repeatedly demonstrated that the caravan is a march for jobs in the United States, its members having joined after receiving alerts through Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media. The Washington Post, for instance, recently opened another of its typical tales of woe with a woman who needed a job, and saw that a caravan was headed North. Where did she get the news? On Facebook:

Edith Cruz was sitting at home in central Honduras, scanning Facebook on her phone, when she saw the post about the caravan on a community news page.

It was Oct. 12. She and her cousin had just opened a small business selling tortillas when they were confronted by a gang, threatened with death if they didn’t hand over half of their profits. She looked at the Facebook post: “An avalanche of Hondurans is preparing to leave in a caravan to the United States. Share this!” Within three hours, her bags were packed.

Whether and how the Post verified this tale we are not given to know. But the Post repeated the point:

By mid-October, the explosion of media coverage and viral social media posts across Central America prompted an explosion in the number of migrants. Within days of the caravan’s departure from San Pedro Sula on Oct. 13, almost no one could pin down the group’s official origin story. They could cite only the Facebook post or television program that led to their own decision to migrate.

Another Break-the-Border Train Starts
Frighteningly, another caravan has begun.

“The Department of Homeland Security is also tracking a new caravan taking shape — this time from El Salvador, according to two U.S. officials, a local source on the ground in Central America and an internal U.S. government report obtained by NBC News.”

The next Break the Border Train leaves next week, the network reported. DHS is tracing the messages of its members, “including a 230-member WhatsApp group that intends to leave on Oct. 31.”

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