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ICE Deported Five Salvadoran Thugs Last Week — and More Than a Quarter Million Criminal Aliens Last Year

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement has deported five Salvadoran thugs, four of whom were members of the satanic MS-13 gang, and all of whom are wanted for crimes in their home country.

All five, of course, were illegal aliens.

ICE deported nearly a quarter-million criminal aliens in 2017, but that number pales in comparison to the number likely deluging the border every day and not being deported, given what Customs and Border Protection reported recently about number of aliens apprehended at the border.

The Five

The five goons ICE removed weren’t exactly what Barack Hussein Obama would have called DREAMers. The crimes they committed included murder, homicide, and involvement in terror organizations.

Jose David Umanzor-Hernandez, 26, ICE reported, was wanted for aggravated homicide and criminal associations; Ever Rafael Roca-Ruiz, 24, for aggravated homicide; Milessa Carolina Cortez-Granados, 22, for attempted aggravated murder and terrorist organizations; Pedro Antonio Cruz Rodriguez, 20, for aggravated homicide, terrorist organizations, and aggravated deprivation of liberty; and Kevin Brandon Aragon Luna, 20, for terrorist organizations.

All the thugs were flown out the country on a chartered flight. Salvadoran cops took them into custody on arrival.

Umanzor-Hernandez, Roca-Ruiz, Cortez-Granados, and Cruz Rodriguez are members of MS-13, ICE reported. The agency doesn’t know when and where Umanzor-Hernandez jumped the border, but on September 10 an immigration judge ordered ICE to boot him.

ICE had a little more information about the others. Roca-Ruiz snuck into the country on October 14 near Falfurrias, Texas, and was “processed as an expedited removal.” So was Aragon Luna, who stole into the country on September 14.

Two-time deportee Cortez-Granados was first deported on November 12, 2009. More recently, she crossed the border illegally on December 21, 2015 and had been in the country for nearly three years when on October 26 of this year a judge ordered ICE to remove her again.

Cruz Rodriguez jumped the border on November 2, 2016, near Hidalgo, Texas, and received a deportation order on April 23.

ICE removed 226,119 criminal aliens in fiscal 2017, an increase of 10 percent from 2016.

MS-13 A Satanic Gang That Refugees Helped

MS-13 is no ordinary street gang. Its roots are satanic; some of its most dangerous members out-and-out devil-worshipping murderers.

The satanic “connection has waned over the past 30 years,” the Washington Post reported last year, but “it can still be seen in MS-13’s use of satanic nicknames, tattoos and other imagery. The gang’s devil horns hand sign is known as ‘la garra,’ a Spanish reference to Satan’s claws. And some MS-13 members have told investigators that they committed their crimes at the behest of ‘la bestia,’ or the Beast.”

However much the satanic influence may have “waned,” MS-13 members today still believe they are doing the devil’s work. In 2017, one of its members, nicknamed Diabolical, testified in court that he murdered a 15-year-old because “the beast ... wanted a soul” after she “disrespected his satanic shrine,” as the Post put it.

Said another about a killing in 2014, “You feel that the devil is helping you” as a member of the gang, and “sometimes the devil asked you to do things for him.”

MS-13’s initiation rituals, the Post reported, citing an expert on the gang, have included drinking blood in a cemetery and animal sacrifice: cutting open a cat.

Apropos of the migrant deluge sitting in Tijuana, President Trump is, understandably, concerned about “refugees” filling the ranks of MS-13 and other criminal gangs.

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Deluge at the Border

That’s one reason Trump worries about the migrant caravan as well as the illegal aliens pushing into the country who aren’t part of the caravan.

Customs and Border Patrol faces a deluge of illegal aliens on the southern border almost impossible to conceive. The migrant horde in Tijuana aside, CBP apprehends tens of thousands of illegal aliens every month.

In October, the agency collared 60,345 border jumpers, 20 percent more than the figure for September (50,568) and nearly doubled the number for October 2017 (34,871). The total for fiscal 2018, which ended September 30, was 521,090, a 25.4 percent increase over the 415,517 for 2017.

The numbers for October alone, some 2,000 per day, were just one reason the president offered in his order, which a federal judge quashed, to forbid asylum claims from anyone entering the United States between legitimate ports of entry.

Trump rightly says we have no way of knowing how many of them are potential gang recruits or terrorists, and neither does the leftist federal judge, an Obama appointee, who decided that he — not the president, contrary to federal immigration law — decides who is permitted to enter the country.

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