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Eight-time Honduran Deportee Caught Again; 500 Criminals in Migrant Caravan

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Call it the triumph of hope over experience.

A Honduran heroin dealer and gangbanger collared for drunk driving finally got what he was apparently asking for — a nickel-plus-change stretch in prison.

But that’s not the best part of the story: The government had deported the tenacious illegal alien eight times. You read that right — eight times.

If this illegal alien can’t be called a dreamer, none of them can.

But this border-jumping thug is just one of the many with which American law enforcement must contend. Border authorities caught more than 60 criminals or “special-interest aliens” at the border every day during fiscal 2018. That’s more than 20,000 for the year.

And U.S. officials suspect that 500 criminals are embedded within the migrant horde.

Gang Member
U.S. District Judge Greg Kays, the Justice Department reported yesterday, sentenced Jose Salazar-Aguilar, 34, to five years, eight months behind federal bars for the crimes he committed.

Cops in Kansas City, Missouri, collared the Honduran illegal on February 19, 2017, for drunk driving. He didn’t have insurance, of course, and was cited for “failure to carry a license.” Let’s hope that means he didn’t have one, not that he forgot to put it in his wallet. He also resisted arrest.

“While incarcerated, record checks revealed that Salazar-Aguilar had been removed from the United States on numerous occasions,” the department reported, and amazingly, the cops in KC let him go: “He was released on bond but apprehended by federal agents during a traffic stop on Feb. 27, 2017.”

The judge sentenced Salazar-Aguilar for unlawfully re-entering the United States after removal for an aggravated felony.

It was his second conviction on that count, the department reported. A federal court convicted him the first time in 2012 and gave him a short 27-month sentence. “According to court documents,” Justice reported, “Salazar-Aguilar has been removed from the United States eight times, seven times after being convicted of the aggravated felony of delivery of heroin. Salazar-Aguilar was last removed from the United States on Aug. 8, 2013.”

The illegal-alien smack dealer is also a violent thug. In 2010, cops nailed him for working over his common-law wife.

But even worse, apropos of President Trump’s concern that the migrant horde in Tijuana is loaded with criminal gang members, Salazar-Aguilar has admitted his membership in the Norteños street gang.

As well, Justice reported:

Salazar-Aguilar also has prior felony convictions for delivery of a controlled substance (heroin) in Oregon, possession of a controlled substance in Colorado, and forgery in Arizona. Additionally, there are active warrants for his arrest from Salt Lake City, Utah, for distribution of a controlled substance; Phoenix, Ariz., for no valid license and traffic offenses; and Kansas City, Mo., for driving under the influence, resisting arrest, no insurance, and failure to carry a license.

More Criminals Waiting to Come In
Salazar-Aguilar isn’t too good at the crime business, and might want to think of another line of work. But that doesn’t mean some of his Honduran compatriots waiting in Tijuana to crash the U.S. border suffer the same incompetence.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has estimated that at least 10 percent of the roughly 6,000 migrant invaders who have asserted squatter’s rights in Tijuana are criminals. As President Trump tweeted, more than a few of those “migrants” seeking “asylum” are “stone-cold criminals.”

“We have information of participation of over 500 individuals with criminal records as part of the caravan,” said Kevin McAleenan, commission of Customs and Border Patrol. “That is gathered through direct engagement, as well as information sharing with our government of Mexico partners.”

He also said, USA Today reported, that Mexico has arrested more than 100 “migrants” for their “criminal activity.”

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As well, the newspaper reported, citing the CPB, the agency “apprehended 17,256 criminals, 1,019 gang members and 3,028 ‘special interest aliens’ in fiscal 2018, which ended Sept. 30.” That’s more than 58 every single day of the year. “Special interest aliens” hail from such hospitable climes as Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

But those are only the criminals CPB knows about. The number is likely much higher given the tsunami of illegals they deal with every day. In October, the first month of fiscal 2019, CPB collared more than 60,000 illegals. Last year, it was more than 500,000.

Two weeks ago, Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported five Salvadoran thugs, four of whom were members of the satanic MS-13 gang. One was a two-time deportee.

The agency removed 226,119 criminal aliens in fiscal 2017, an increase of 10 percent from 2016.

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