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158 Million People Want To Move Here. Leftist Judges: We’re Open for Business

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Democrats won’t help President Trump build a wall to stem the tide of migrants attempting to enter the country illegally at a rate of about 50,000 or more every 30 days.

Now, we learn from Gallup, the number of potential migrants goes well beyond 6,000 migrants waiting to enter the United States from Tijuana.

Some 750 million people worldwide, the polling company estimates, want to migrate. And you’ll never guess the top destination for nearly a quarter: The most racist, hateful, backward, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic country on the planet, where college students are holed up in safe spaces, trembling in fear of Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

In short, Trumpland.

158 Million Pick the United States
Amazingly, Gallup reported, the would-be migrants would head for the United States and other European countries, despite the palpable anti-immigration sentiments of many citizens of those countries.

“After the migrant crisis swept Europe in 2015, migration emerged as a dominant, divisive issue not only in European politics, where anti-migrant parties gained power, but also in politics elsewhere around the world,” Gallup reported. “This includes the U.S., where President Donald Trump's demand for funding for a border wall with Mexico could lead to a partial government shutdown yet this year.”

But, again, that doesn’t matter to the migrants in waiting:

Instead of any of this acting as a deterrent, Gallup World Poll surveys find people's desire to migrate permanently to another country actually increased between 2015 and 2017. Gallup's surveys throughout this period found 15% of the world's adults — or more than 750 million people — saying they would like to move to another country if they had the opportunity. This is up from 14% between 2013 and 2016 and 13% between 2010 and 2012, but still lower than the 16% between 2007 and 2009.

So the Left’s incessant lament about the intractable evil of The Donald and the anti-migration Right has fallen on deaf ears. And most of the migrants are precisely of the races and ethnicities that the radical left says are the most in danger from evil white men such as Donald Trump and the Trumplike Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán.

Gallup reported that 71 percent of the adults surveyed in Sierra Leone would migrate, as would 66 percent of the adults in Liberia. Unsurprisingly, 63 percent of Haitians want to leave their benighted isle. Fifty-three percent of Salvadorans and 50 percent of Congolese want to migrate, as do 49 percent of Ghanaians and Dominicans. Relevant to the United States, 47 percent of Hondurans say they want to migrate.

Heading for the US of A
“The countries where potential migrants say they would like to move — if they could — have generally been the same for the past 10 years,” Gallup reported. “In fact, roughly 18 countries attract two-thirds of all potential migrants worldwide.”

And what would those countries be?

“Although the image of U.S. leadership took a beating between 2016 and 2017, the U.S. continues to be the most desired destination country for potential migrants,” the survey reported: “One in five potential migrants (21%) — or about 158 million adults worldwide — name the U.S. as their desired future residence. Canada, Germany, France, Australia and the United Kingdom each appeal to more than 30 million adults.”

The raw numbers, after the United States, break down this way:

• Canada — 47 million

• Germany — 42 million

• France or Australia — 36 million

• United Kingdom — 34 million

• Saudi Arabia — 24 million

• Spain — 21 million

• Japan — 17 million

• Italy — 15 million

Happily, “Gallup typically finds that the percentage of those who have plans to move is much lower than the percentage who would like to move.”

But that doesn’t mean the West has dodged a Camp of the Saints-like bullet, given what occurred when the Islamic masses began their march to conquer Europe for the Prophet.

That demographic catastrophe, and what has occurred south of the U.S. border since October 12, when the latest migrant caravan began heading north from Honduras, shows that a deluge of migrants might suddenly decide it’s time to move for more pleasant climes.

Judges Aren’t Helping
Leftist judges in the United States aren’t helping matters.

In early November, when Trump declared that only aliens who present themselves at legal ports of entry can apply for asylum, anti-American leftists sued the administration. A leftist judge sided with the would-be migrants. He declared that anyone can apply for asylum, no matter how he crosses the border.

The Third World’s 158 million were listening.

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