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Will New “Migrant Caravan” From Honduras Invite Emergency Declaration From Trump?

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As if to give President Trump the excuse he needs to declare a national emergency to get the funds to built a border wall, a new “caravan” of migrants is organizing in Honduras.

Trump says the border is in crisis, and that only a wall can stop the illegal-alien invasion of the United States. Open-borders Democrats say it isn’t in crsis, and that a wall will be a “waste” and “ineffective.”

Well, it appears another few thousand illiterate illegal aliens might just park in Tijuana and try to storm the border a couple of times to help settle the debate.

Forming in Honduras Again
The bad news about a new “caravan” comes from the Washington Post, which reported that a social media flyer in Honduras is inviting potential recruits.

“We’re looking for refuge,” it says. “In Honduras, we are being killed.” The flyer says the caravan leaves at 5 a.m. on January 15 from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

But Mexico, the Post reported, is ready with hard-nosed guards at “370 illegal crossing points and the border” who will “prevent the entry of undocumented people.’”

Another few thousand invaders would add to the illegal-immigration woes Mexico already has. Thousands of migrants who marched north with the last caravan are already squatting in Tijuana.

They hope to file what will mostly be phony asylum claims and get into the United States.

Why They’re Coming
Of course, organizers can’t get their story straight in giving reasons for the dangerous trip north.

The social-media account for the caravan says the illegal-alien invasion force fears violence and persecution. But the migrants will really be garden-variety illegal aliens looking for jobs, an organizer told the Post.

“We don’t know how many people this will be, but it’s a lot,” said a taxi driver who “helped organize the last caravan” and is at it again. “With this caravan,” he confessed, “the goal is to give them a chance to work and have a better life, be it in Mexico or the United States.”

Illegals who marched with the last caravan admitted that truth, and illegal aliens who have been caught and deported from both Mexico and United States have admitted the truth to researchers. They do not migrate for asylum, but instead for work, welfare, and public schools.

One soon-to-be illegal alien invader admitted that even work and welfare weren’t the reason for his trip north. “It’s not just employment or that Honduras is dangerous,” 18-year-old Glen Muños told the Post. “I’m young, and I want to know another place.”The older brother of Munos is living in the United States illegally, and apparently, hopes to sneak his little brother across the border. “Honduras is dangerous and I’m not having him stay there,” big brother texted to the Post, which helpfully noted that “he spoke on the condition of anonymity now that he is living illegally in the United States.”

The Post even found a lesbian who wants to leave home, and bring her partner, because she’s afraid of two thugs in her family, and “‘macho men’ who insult her because she’s gay.”

If that’s a reason for asylum, then the United States had better be prepared for a bazillion more asylum claims from those who partake of the love that dare not speak its name.

Most of the Third World is as unenlightened about women’s and “gay rights” as Honduras apparently is.

False Claims
Before he left to visit the border on Thursday, President Trump took note of the new Camp-of-the-Saints-like invasion force.

“There is another major caravan forming right now in Honduras,” he said. “And so far — we’re trying to break it up. But so far, it’s bigger than anything we’ve seen. And a drone isn’t going to stop it. And a sensor isn’t going to stop it. But you know what’s going to stop it in its tracks? A nice, powerful wall.”

Government data show that the large majority of asylum claims are phony.

Such claims have increased 2,000 percent in the last five years, the White House reported early this week before Trump’s national address on Tuesday, and 72 percent of illegals “report making the journey for economic reasons and therefore would not typically qualify for asylum.”

And those data do not account for the never-ending stream of illegals, some of whom are dangerous criminals.

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October 2018 photo of Honduran migrant caravan: AP Images

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