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Report: “Migrant Caravan” Now 5,600 Strong; Criminals Along for the March North

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The latest caravan of nearly 6,000 illegal aliens headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border, and an estimable character Mexican cops found inside it, have once again proven the president right about illegal immigration.

The latest caravan is moving without resistance through Mexico, another 500 illegal aliens left Honduras on Sunday, and another invasion army is forming now for departure in February, the Wall Street Journal reported.

In other words, the invaders won’t stop coming. And it doesn’t appear that Mexico is interested in stopping the invasion of its own territory, and hopes the illegal-alien invaders will land in the United States.

Caravan Size Increased 10 Times
Frighteningly, the size of the latest caravan has grown from 500 when it left San Pedro Sula in Honduras on January 15 to 5,600 now, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The human tsunami is stalled at the border between Guatemala and Mexico, however, having stormed into Guatemala last week.

The illegal-aliens, the Journal reported, await visas that will allow them to keep trudging north. Mexican officials, citing humanitarian reasons, won’t deport them.

But that’s just one part of the invasion force. “Some 1,500 migrants who forced their way into Mexico last week are heading northward in the state of Oaxaca without hindrance from authorities, while a third group of about 400 left the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on Sunday.”

Even worse, the newspaper reported, a survey of social media shows organizers planning to launch another illegal-alien invasion for February.

On top of this locust-like plague relentlessly moving north, at least 2,500 illegal aliens are still squatting in Tijuana in the hope of entering the United States with phony asylum claims.

Most of the migrants in that first caravan, which rose to some 14,000, have returned home.

Some Migrants Determined
The Mexican government is helping push the latest caravan forward, again, with humanitarian visas that can be renewed annually, the Journal reported. They permit “migrants to work and move freely in Mexico. But most say they just want to get quickly to the U.S. border.”

As President Trump tweeted on Saturday, “Mexico is doing NOTHING to stop the Caravan which is now fully formed and heading to the United States. We stopped the last two — many are still in Mexico but can’t get through our Wall, but it takes a lot of Border Agents if there is no Wall. Not easy!”

Although “lawyers and migration experts say the migrants’ chances of getting asylum in the U.S. are lower than ever” because the “Trump Administration has sharply limited the daily number of asylum applications ... and has sent soldiers to the border,” the Journal reported, the illegal aliens are “unfazed by the obstacles and remain determined to leave behind a life of poverty, violence and political turmoil in Honduras.”

Apparently, despite President Trump’s reputation as a frothing racist and bigot, “migrants say they don’t care about President Trump’s hostile rhetoric and harsh immigration policies, and hope the U.S. will open its doors to them sooner or later,” the Journal reported.

Apparently, border agents have a word for the stubborn vagabonds: “non-impactable.” An open-borders activist told the Journal that “no level of enforcement will serve as a deterrent for them — not detention, separating parents from their children, or even a wall.”

“Hondurans will continue to leave in spite of the dangers and uncertainty of the journey until they feel that they can be safe and make a living in their home country,” she told the newspaper.

That illegal aliens are determined to break into the United States and push phony asylum claims is beyond doubt.

Last week, borders agents collared nearly 400 illegals who popped up in Arizona after digging under the border. 

Another Day, Another Gang Member Collared
Meanwhile, Mexican authorities collared yet another dangerous gang member in the latest caravan.

Mexican cops screening for criminals, Fox News reported, caught an 18th Street gangbanger from El Salvador known as Amílcar Orlando “N.” The prosecutor in Chiapas caught the fine young man with the help of the Salvadoran government.

His crimes? “Aggravated murder, kidnapping, extortion, gang membership and drug possession.”

The Coast Guard, meanwhile, intercepted six illegal aliens who were sailing for Florida. Included in the sea-faring bunch were two Jamaicans, a Dominican, and a Bahamian. One had “previous drug convictions,” Associated Press reported, “and another had previous convictions for drug trafficking, kidnapping and aggravated assault.”

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