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Illegals Surging Over Border, But With No More Room for Housing, Feds Release Them

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The Camp of the Saints-like invasion of the United States worsened this week, and no end is in sight.

On Tuesday, border agents collared 400 illegals within five minutes. Two massive bands of sick, hungry, and poverty-stricken migrants crossed in the El Paso sector, which comprises El Paso and Hudspeth counties in Texas and all of New Mexico.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reported, immigration authorities dumped another load of migrants on an unsuspecting community this week because the government ran out of room to house them.

Invasion El Paso
CBP tweeted its ominous news about the illegals who stormed the border with photos of the invasion force: “#BorderPatrol agents apprehended 2 large groups within 5 minutes of one another in El Paso Sector early this morning. The groups totaled 430 individuals — mostly Central American families and unaccompanied children.”

Illegals know that bringing children in means a virtual ticket to disappear into the county. They also know they likely won’t be deported even if they file phony asylum claims. Virtually all the illegals who file such claims, the government has reported, are lying. As a practical matter, once in the country, the illegals do what they wish.

Anyway, border agents caught the 430 in two groups at two locations.

“In the early morning hours of March 19, agents encountered the first group of 194 illegal crossers at approximately 2:45 a.m.,” CBP reported. “The group was encountered by agents at the border wall just west of Bowie High School.”

But that was just the first group, CPB reported: “Just five minutes later at 2:50 a.m., agents working farther west encountered a second group of 252 people who crossed illegally near Downtown El Paso [shown in photo]. In all, agents had already taken over 430 people into custody within the first three hours in what appears to be only the beginning of another busy day.”

CBP also released another shocking datum for those who deny the situation at the border is a crisis requiring the declaration of a national emergency. Agents in the El Paso border sector are “averaging 570 apprehensions a day, with 90 percent of those being in the El Paso Metropolitan Area.”

Thus far this fiscal year, agents have collared 318,407 illegals, including 158,118 as families and 28,976 children. Last year’s total was 187,097. Agents apprehended 76,013 in February alone.

Another figure: Two million illegal aliens from south of the border, about 70 percent from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, have deportation orders or pending deportation orders. But they remain in the United States, with no real fear of being removed.

Yeah, It’s a Crisis
The numbers are so large that immigration officials have nowhere to keep these illegal migrants.

From McAllen, Texas, the Los Angeles Times reported that CBP “released 250 migrants here on Tuesday and Wednesday and expects to free hundreds more in coming days because there is no room to hold them.” President Trump promised to end that policy of “catch and release.”

Open-borders advocates, who hope the invaders will erase the country’s borders by overwhelming immigration agents, said the release was a calculated political move to “create chaos,” the Times reported, quoting an immigration lawyer. “The government is trying to do this,” he told the hard-left newspaper.

Even worse, the Times reported, more releases are coming, which means people in the communities in which these unemployed and very possibly diseased illegals are released, likely with such maladies as tuberculosis or Chagas disease, must suffer the consequences.

At a news conference two weeks ago, CBP officials depicted a border surge that conjures frightening images of the zombie invasion of Jerusalem depicted in the movie World War Z.

On the medical front alone, the amount of sick migrants showing up at the border are a major nightmare.

CBP sends about 55 illegals a day for medical care, one official said. The number reached 63 in December. Since December 22, agents have spent more than 57,000 hours at hospitals or medical facilities at a cost of $2.2 million in CBP salaries. From 2014 to 2018, he said, CBP has spent $98 million on illegal-alien healthcare.

“Each and every day,” he said, 25 to 40 percent of CBP manpower goes to the care and maintenance of illegal aliens. “They’re pulled from the national security missions to do these things.”

Beyond the diseases they bring in, illegals provide protection for drug smugglers.

Large groups such as those apprehended in El Paso are decoys drug runners use to smuggle in their toxic wares.


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