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Caught at the Border: a Murderer Deported Three Times, Another Three-timer, and a Girl With the Measles

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Immigration authorities must deal not just with thousands upon thousands of penniless “migrants” with no place to go and no place to sleep.

They deal with a relentless cadre of criminal illegals who refuse to leave the country, no matter the legal consequences, as well as thoughtless illegal-alien parents who drag sick children on a dangerous journey.

A number of illegals caught this week prove the point. They include a thrice-deported illegal convicted of murder in the United States, a Salvadoran also deported three times, and a child who crossed the border with a contagious disease.

One Murderer, One Drunk
On Tuesday, border agents caught Nahum Rivas-Rivera, 37, near Naco, Arizona.

Except Rivas-Rivera wasn’t one of those illegals we hear so much about, a DREAMer just waiting for his chance to be a good American.

Rather, the first time he came in, he committed first-degree in murder in Baltimore. Authorities convicted him in 2006. He spent a year in prison before immigration authorities deported him.

But Rivas-Rivera wouldn’t let a small thing like a first-degree murder conviction stop him from achieving that dream of becoming a good, law-abiding American. So on Tuesday, border agents collared him for the third time since they booted him out after the murder conviction in 2006.

Now he is charged with felony re-entry. CBP did not disclosed his nationality.

Meanwhile, try as they might, immigration authorities can’t convince a Salvadoran drunk that he’s not supposed to be in the United States.

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors in Texas indicted Jose Eduardo Melara-Carcamo, 33, for re-entering the country illegally for the third time.

On March 20, the cops in Henderson County, Texas, locked him up for public intoxication, Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported. But a “deportation officer with ICE’s Mobile Criminal Alien Team interviewed Melara-Carcamo and determined that he was an alien from El Salvador, and he allegedly was unlawfully present in the United States.”

But that same officer processed Melara-Carcamo for deportation In 2018. “A records check,” ICE reported, “confirmed that Melara had been previously removed three times to El Salvador in 2007, 2013 and 2018. After each removal, he illegally re-entered the United States.”

He faces two years in prison if convicted.

Measles Carrier
Yet dangerous as these two are, they might be less of a public health hazard than a child whom border agents apprehended on Wednesday.

The eight-year-old Guatemalan girl caught at the border with her father, CBP reported, was among 39 illegals who jumped the border at the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona.

How many of the 39 caught measles we are not given to know, although border agents have quarantined the girl and her father.

CBP reported that “Yuma Sector is currently more than double its recommended detention capacity with more than 1000 illegal aliens in custody.” As well, “most of those in custody are family groups and unaccompanied minors from Central America.”

Question is, of course, how many of those 1,000 carry measles or another deadly contagious diseases such as typhus. If the illegals don’t show symptoms, how will border authorities know?

That question is important because immigration authorities are dumping illegals in cities across the Southwest precisely because CBP doesn’t have the capacity to handle the invasion.

Only two days ago, Yuma’s mayor declared an emergency because illegal aliens are roaming the streets and its shelter does not have the capacity to handle the illegals that immigration authorities have dumped there.

Yuma might have an even bigger problem if five or six children start showing symptoms only after they land in the city.

The girl with measles highlights the problem of illegal aliens who bring children to cross the border because they know immigration authorities don’t deport illegal aliens with children. That’s what happened with an illegal-alien boy who died in U.S. custody on Christmas Eve.

The boy had the flu. He died after the father refused treatment.

In February, Houston public health officials warned that seven illegals at an ICE facility had the mumps.

Sick and diseased illegals are a major problem for CBP. In March, a top official said CBP sends about 55 illegals a day for medical care. Since December 22, he said, agents have wasted more than 57,000 hours at hospitals or medical facilities at a cost of $2.2 million in CBP salaries. From 2014 to 2018, CBP wasted $98 million on illegal-alien healthcare.

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