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Not a “Memphis Man”: Suspect in Baby’s Murder Deported Five Times

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The grim headlines got the story half-wrong again.

The Commercial Appeal in Memphis put it this way: “4-month-old baby beaten to death when Memphis man learned he’s not father, police say.”

The Fox News affiliate reported this: “Baby dies after being beaten by Memphis man who learned he was not the child’s father, police say.”

Except a “Memphis man” isn’t the suspect.

The suspect is an illegal alien whom immigration authorities deported five times.

Baby Had Fractured Skull
The 33-year-old “Memphis man,” the Commercial Appeal reported, beat the four-month-old to death because he learned he was not the father.

“Jose Avila-Agurcia is charged with first-degree murder in perpetration of aggravated child abuse in the death of Alexander Lizondro-Chacon, a baby he thought was his throughout the mother’s pregnancy,” the newspaper reported.

He died on April 12, the newspaper reported, of blunt-force trauma to the head. The beating left him with fractured skull and rib. He had also pneumonia, the newspaper reported. The little fellow never made it to the hospital.

The affidavit, the newspaper reported, said Avila-Agurcia became a suspect after the mother told police that Avila-Agurcia confessed to beating the child. Avila-Agurcia “struck the baby multiple times in the head because he was angry when he learned he wasn’t the child’s father, the affidavit said.”

The Fox affiliate reported that the mother lied to the police when they began investigating. “The mother and her boyfriend, Jose Avila-Agurcia,” Fox reported, “said they did not know what caused the child to stop breathing, police records said.”

Why Was He In the Country?
Those stories however, didn’t disclose a key fact, likely because reporters don’t bother asking police or Immigration and Customs Enforcement questions about Hispanic suspects for fear they are “profiling.”

The suspect is a five-time deportee. That detail comes from the Conservative Review, which contacted ICE to check the “Memphis man’s” identity. CR learned that the suspect is, in fact, a Honduran man.

ICE told CR that “the suspect’s real name is Carlos Zuniga-Aviles, an illegal alien who was previously deported five times prior to this incident. The name Jose Avila-Agurcia is an alias he provided to local officials.”

ICE lodged a detainer on the murder suspect, who “was removed from the country first in Feb. 2010,” CR reported, “and then four subsequent times — Jan. 2011, March 2012, Nov. 2015, and Dec. 2016. Two of those times he was caught by Border Patrol and removed; three other times he was deported by ICE.”

CR also reported that Shelby County, where the murder took place, is an illegal-alien sanctuary that refused to honor detainers despite a state ordinance requiring localities to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Open Borders
Sanctuary, of course, isn’t the only problem. Another is the open southwest border, as Zuniga-Aviles’ record shows, as well the failure of immigration law to deter border-jumping criminals who refuse to stay out of the country.

On Sunday, border agents collared a convicted sex trafficker with an order of removal, as well as a twice-deported convicted rapist and sex offender.

Just last week, Customs and Border Protection nailed two Mexican gang members at the border. “Both men,” CBP reported, “have extensive immigration violation histories.”

The same day border agents caught one of the gang members, agents apprehended a thrice-deported convicted murderer, as well as a thrice-deported Salvadoran drunk.

One of the most compelling cases that highlights the inability of immigration authorities to control the borders and dangerous consequences of sanctuary laws is that of Kate Steinle, the victim of an illegal alien.

San Francisco’s sanctuary policy protected a five-time deportee who was in the country a sixth time when he shot Steinle to death. Even worse, a jury acquitted the seven-time felon, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit tossed out the Steinles’ wrongful death lawsuit against San Francisco.

In other words, the government will not protect Americans from the illegal-alien murderers, rapists, and drug dealers immigration authorities cannot keep out of the country, or release after apprehension at the border.

Last month, CBP apprehended more than 100,000 illegals. How many are violent criminals is unknown.

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