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Drugs, Gang Members Keep Crossing Border as Rio Grande Sector Faces Record Surge of Illegals

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Chaos at the U.S. border with Mexico continued through the last week, with major arrests through the Easter weekend that included drug smugglers and their deadly wares, “migrant” smugglers and their human cargo, and illegal-alien criminals with plans to continue their careers in crime.

Reports from Customs and Border Protection depict not just a border under siege but an agency whose dedicated employees can’t possibly hold back the surging mass of humanity and what washes in with it.

Border agents seized nearly $3 million in drugs, and the Rio Grande Sector, CBP reported, has apprehended a record number of illegals this fiscal year. The total thus far exceeds all of last year.

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Smugglers, Criminals, Record Numbers
On Tuesday, CBP reported, border agents caught a 20-year-old American trying to smuggle four illegals across the border in a pickup truck. Agents were on a “roving patrol” near Carrizo Springs, Texas, when they saw the driver of the truck do something a little odd, or maybe not, for an illegal-alien smuggler.

Agents watched him “pull over to the side of the road ... and load up four suspected undocumented immigrants that ran out of the brush,” the agency reported.

When the agents tried to pull him over, the driver tried to flee. Texas state troopers “disabled one of the vehicle’s tires with a controlled tire deflation device.” The driver and four illegal Mexicans tried to run, but agents caught and arrested them.

Easter Sunday was particularly busy for the Border Patrol.

That night, CBP reported, agents collared a twice-deported Mexican with a rape conviction and sex-offender registration in Ohio. He also had convictions for domestic violence and assault.

Hours later, agents working in Brooks County locked up an illegal Mexican for attempting to skirt around a checkpoint. He has arrests for indecent assault and corruption/endangerment of a child in Pennsylvania.

Border agents also caught a Mexican illegal near Los Ebanos, Texas. His records revealed a previous deportation order, and a conviction for sex trafficking.

On Saturday, the agency reported, agents caught a border-jumping Salvadoran member of the 18th Street gang near Roma. Near Mission, agents caught a Salvadoran MS-13 member with multiple convictions in California, including one for sexual battery.

On Friday, agents apprehended another Salvadoran MS-13 member, this one with a burglary conviction in Minnesota. Friday’s haul also included a Mexican illegal with a conviction in Gwinnett County, Georgia, for possession of a firearm during a commission of a felony/kidnapping.

Drug and Migrant Smugglers
Easter weekend was also another big day in the drug trade.

At the Mariposa border crossing in Arizona, the agency reported, they caught a 22-year-old “Phoenix woman” with 12 pounds of methamphetamine worth $37,000.

On Saturday, agents searched a tractor-trailer that entered the country at Mariposa. CBP’s canine helpers sniffed 4,100 pounds of marijuana worth $2.1 million.

On April 18, the agency reported, agents seized 26 pounds of fentanyl worth $728,00 in a Ford F-150 pickup at the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge near Laredo, Texas.

Total value of the drugs seized: $2.86 million.

Agents also thwarted an attempt to smuggle “migrants” across the border, whom border agents apprehended.

On Monday, cops in Sullivan City, Texas joined agents to apprehend the driver of a Chevy Suburban packed with four illegals. The driver and his cargo jumped out at an intersection and failed in their attempt to flee.

On Saturday, near Pharr, Texas, just north of the Rio Grande, they stopped two all-terrain vehicles and caught illegals from Mexico and Guatemala.

CBP agents have collared 164,000 illegals in the Rio Grande sector so far in fiscal 2019, the agency reported, more than the entire number for 2018. The daily catch is about 1,100.

Overall numbers at the border aren’t any better. Border agents apprehended more than 100,000 illegals in March, a mind-boggling number that put the total for the year past 400,000.

CBP reports show more than numbers, however.

They also show that crossing the border is dangerous, as well as irresponsible with children in tow, and how much time the agency wastes trying to keep illegals from killing themselves. Three times this month, April 12, 14, and 18, agents have rescued groups of 14, 21, and 28 illegals who were drowning in the Rio Grande.

They also had to rescue a severely dehydrated illegal-alien woman stranded in the desert in Arizona. They found her while apprehending 15 other illegals.

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April 23 photo of Honduran migrants on train headed for United States: AP Images

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