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Border Siege Continues: 110K Illegals Cross In April, More Than Half-Million For Fiscal Year 2019

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The illegal-alien invasion of the United States worsened in April.

As bad as March was when a penniless horde of more than 103,000 showed up for work, welfare, and free medical care, the next 30 days topped the previous 31.

Nearly 110,000 “migrants,” Customs and Border Protection reported today, simply walked into the county to demand that American taxpayers set them up with new lives. That number is double what it was last year.

More illegals have crossed the border thus far this fiscal year than all of last year.

While those illegals moved across the borders in unprecedented numbers, Democrats in Congress twiddled their thumbs and wondered how they can stage a coup d’etat to overthrow the president and make it look legal.

The Numbers

Customs and Border Protection reported that its agents apprehended 98,977 illegals who crossed the southwest border between ports of entry. That included 58,474 families, 31,606 single adults, and 8,897 unaccompanied minors.

“Inadmissibles” who presented themselves at ports of entry numbered 10,167: 6,144 single adults, 3,443 “families,” 386 unaccompanied minors, and 194 “accompanied minors.”

Total for the month? 109,144.

That’s a 5.2 percent increase from March, but a 113.3 percent increases from the 51,168 in April last year.

The number of “migrants” who have turned up at the border has surpassed fiscal 2018’s 521,090.

In the seven months since the year began in October, 531,711 illegals have tramped across the border, hat in hand.

The numbers for the southwest border break down this way:


Illegals aliens apprehended between ports of entry:

Family units*: 248,197

Single adults: 167,318

Unaccompanied minors: 44,779

Total: 460,294



Family units*: 29,606

Single adults: 38,282

Unaccompanied minors: 2,850

Accompanied minors: 679

Total: 71,417

*“Family units” refer not to the number of "families" but to the number of persons within the “families” category.


In a sense, CBP does not “apprehend” the illegals. They surrender, knowing they get food, medical care, and a free trip to a town where agents dump them on the local population.

CBP did not report how many of the poverty-stricken vagabonds who arrived in April are sick with communicable diseases that might include tuberculosis, mumps, the flu, strep throat, AIDS, or typhus-carrying lice. They also have scabies and Chagas disease.

Fake Families, Lying About Asylum

The illegals keep coming, border officials say, because they know they will be released to disappear into the United States, particularly when they arrive as families.

That knowledge has provided the incentive, border officials say, for all manner of fraud and lying.

For instance, as The New American reported Tuesday, the Arizona Daily Star searched court records and found two illegal Mexicans “each paid $260 for authentic birth certificates belonging to a Guatemalan man and a Guatemalan minor with the same last name. The Mexican men walked into the San Luis port of entry, posing as the Guatemalans, and said they were headed to Nashville to look for work. They were sentenced to 20 days in federal prison, court records show.”

An illegal Guatemalan, the newspaper reported, rented a boy for $130 to have a “son” at the border. That faker “showed Border Patrol agents a Guatemalan birth certificate to prove the boy was his son, but four days later agents determined the claim was false,” the newspaper reported. The smuggler bought a birth certificate for $130.

As well, smugglers are recycling children, CBP has reported, meaning, once a child crosses with his “family,” which gets them a free ticket to stay, the smugglers take him back across the border to another “family” for another trip in.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has moved three teams of agents to the border to vet the families and found that about 25 percent of them weren’t families but frauds.

Beyond those, about 90 percent of the asylum claims are bogus, as a White House briefing paper reported in January, and 72 percent of the “migrants” say they come for a better life. That, of course, means s steady job and, most likely, free schools for the kids and welfare for the “family.”

But such is an sustained assault on the border, now conducted with buses and drones, that agents can’t keep up and don’t have the facilities to house the hordes.

They’ve been dumping the illegals — some of them with communicable diseases, a border official says, across the southwest into unsuspecting communities. Yuma declared an emergency last month, such is the illegal-alien host that has infested the city.

Despite the invasion, again, Congress has done nothing. It has adamantly refused to build a border wall or assist the president in stopping the invasion, and he has broken his promise to stop catch and release.

And so in the last two months, 212,863 illegal aliens have crossed the border.

Photo showing Central American migrants heading toward U.S.-Mexico border: AP Images

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