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Report: Fewer Illegals Will Cross the Border in June. But the Invasion Will Continue

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Nearly 150,000 illegal aliens crossed the border in May, a number that will decrease in June, one news report says, but Border Patrol agents are still facing an unprecedented deluge of poor, sick, and diseased “migrants” crossing every day.

So the total for June will still exceed by the tens of thousands the numbers that crossed earlier this fiscal year, which began in October.

Upshot: The number of illegal migrants might decrease, but that number is still unacceptable. When Customs and Border Protection publishes its data for June, they will show that the illegal-invasion of the United States continues.

Post Report
According to the Washington Post, officials with CBP predict that the total number of illegals who will cross in June will decrease between 15 and 20 percent from the 144,278 who crossed in May.

Whether the decrease is occurring due to President Trump’s threat of tariffs up to 25 percent if Mexico doesn’t help stop the invasion is open to question, the Post reported. Mexico, for instance, has stiffened control of its border with Guatemala, where most of the “migrants” cross in the hope that smugglers will move them north.

Nonetheless, numbers are decreasing:

U.S. authorities detained more than 85,000 “family unit” members at the border in May, an average of nearly 2,800 per day. That number has declined about 13 percent since the beginning of June, a period during which Trump threatened to impose tariffs on Mexico and the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador agreed to an immigration crackdown to avoid the penalty.

Overall, U.S. officials say they are expecting a 15 to 20 percent decline in border arrests from May, when authorities detained more than 144,000 and migration levels reached their highest point since 2006. The portion of migrants arriving as part of a family group has reached unprecedented levels in recent months, overwhelming U.S. border authorities who say they are ill-equipped to care for so many parents with children.

Yet even if that claim is true, the decrease means that between 115,000 and 123,000 illegals will cross by June’s end. And those numbers exceed those in the tsunami that hit the border in March and April, 109,474 and 103,729. As well, June’s number could be more than double the number that crossed in October.

Nor will border authorities likely curtail catch and release, a policy the Trump administration promised to stop.

As The New American reported last week, citing, 100 percent of the illegals who arrive in “family units” are released in the hope they will return for asylum hearing that will most likely end in a deportation order.

So the situation will hardly improve, again, even if the Post is right, unless Trump acts.

He can start by keeping the promise he tweeted on Monday:

Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States. They will be removed as fast as they come in. Mexico, using their strong immigration laws, is doing a very good job of stopping people.

Since October, 676,315 illegals have entered the United States.

Recent Border Arrests
Some of the Border Patrol’s recent apprehensions prove the point.

For one thing, migrants from across the Third World beyond the Northern Triangle in Central America are hitting the border. Agents have apprehended more than 500 Africans, some of whom might carry the Ebola virus.

And, CBP reported on Wednesday, “have arrested a group of Haitian nationals every day this past last week, totaling over 180 people.”

On Monday, border agents arrested 17 illegals wandering around the Barry M. Goldwater bombing range near San Luis, Arizona.

Also on Monday at Eagle Pass, Texas, where agents captured the Africans, they collared a pregnant American citizen who tried to smuggle in two illegal Mexicans in the back of her 2008 Mazda CX-9. Her minor children were in the back seat.

On Tuesday, agents collared another large group of illegals, CBP reported. The irresponsible illegals had crossed the border in the scorching heat. Searching the “remote ranchland,” CBP reported, agents found 110 of the miscreants “in the brush seeking relief from the scorching sun.” Given the heat, one needed IV fluids.

Members of the border-jumping gang came from Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

The agency has increased the size of holding facility in Donna, Texas.

Photo of Mexican police detaining migrants: AP Images

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