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Previously Deported Thugs, Perverts Keep ICE, Border Agents Busy

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Agents from the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement had a busy last week dealing with dangerous illegal-alien thugs and criminals who won’t stay out once they’re deported.

Among the law-abiding, estimable, freedom-loving folks that federal agents arrested — more than four dozen on a sweep through South Texas — were sex perverts, child molesters, domestic abusers, drunk drivers, and dope dealers.

As well, Customs and Border Patrol reported, human smugglers at the border have adopted a new diversionary tactic to get these criminals into the country: Mass surrenders that occupy the time and attention of border agents so that the thugs can get away.

Three Sex Fiends, One Would-be Murderer
As per usual, border agents spent a good part of their time arresting sex fiends, among them a child molester who showed up in the Yuma sector of the border in a group of six illegals that CPB called a “group of family units.”

Except that 41-year-old Juan Rojas-Rodriguez doesn’t sound like much of a family man himself.

He is a “a previously deported Mexican national,” CBP reported, who “was convicted of sex with a minor under 14 years of age in California in 1996. Rojas-Rodriguez was last deported in 2008 after immigration officials encountered him at the Lompoc Federal Correction Institution in California.”

Another day, another previously-deported sex pervert caught at the border. Or make that two or three.

In the wee hours Thursday, border agents nailed another sex fiend, this one near the Paso Del Norte Port of Entry at El Paso, Texas. “Records checks revealed that 30-year old Juan Carlos Bustamante-Pena,” CBP reported, “had been previously arrested in March 2005 for felony sexual assault and was subsequently convicted.”

After he served two years in a juvenile facility, federal agents deported him in January 2009. They arrested him again four years later and put him prison for about six months. Undeterred, he crossed the border again, and now awaits trial.

Sex pervert No. 3 is an Ecuadorian, 29-year-old Patricio Juela-Pinacela, yet another previously-deported illegal with a “violent criminal history.” In 2016, he was convicted of statutory rape in Queens County, New York, and at some point deported. Border agents caught him in Nogales on Friday.

Also on Friday, border agents at Eagle Pass, Texas, collared a previously deported illegal who has a conviction for attempted murder. Pedro Tiempo-Garcia, a 45-year-old Mexican, “was arrested in Rocksprings for murder in 2001, was subsequently convicted of attempted capital murder, and sentenced to 22 years incarceration,” CBP reported. “He was deported in February 2019 after serving 18 years of his sentence.”

In its release on the pervert Bustamenta-Pena, CBP explained, human smugglers have a new trick to get thugs, perverts, and murderers into the United States.

The smugglers “will direct illegal aliens straight to the agents in order to get arrested,” the agency explained. “While agents are occupied with the group of arrestees, the smuggling organizations will then direct other individuals who seek to avoid apprehension, to enter the U.S. illegally away from agents.”

In March, Border Patrol chief of operations Brian Hastings explained that drug smugglers use large groups of illegals to occupy border agents so the traffickers can move their deadly wares into the country.

South Texas Roundup
Meanwhile, ICE announced yesterday that it nailed 52 illegal-alien criminals in South Texas during a four-day sweep that ended June 20.

ICE arrested 20 in Laredo, 16 in Austin-Waco, nine in the Rio Grande Valley, and seven in San Antonio. The 46 men and six women were almost all from Mexico. Four were from Honduras and one was from Cuba, ICE reported.

As well, the agency reported:

More than 67% of the aliens arrested (35) by ICE deportation officers during this enforcement surge had prior criminal histories that included convictions and or pending charges for the following crimes: assault, battery, domestic violence, traffic offenses, driving under the influence, drug possession, drug trafficking, larceny, illegal re-entry after deportation, illegal entry, resisting officers, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Eighteen of those arrested were immigration fugitives with a final order of removal; 21 others illegally re-entered the United States after having been previously deported, which is a felony.

The illegal-alien arrestees include a previously-deported 25-year-old Honduran thug with a conviction for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and a previously-deported 32-year-old Mexican gangbanger with convictions for robbery and aggravated assault.

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