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Homicide Suspect, More Sex Fiends Caught At Border, “Families” Keep Coming

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Suspected killers and convicted sex fiends continued attempts to cross the border in the last two weeks, adding yet still more evidence that some criminals must be passing through unmolested to continue their careers in crime.

Some showed up at ports of entry; others crossed the border illegally. But all had one thing in common: They don’t belong in the United States.

Nor do the nearly 200 illegals who jumped the border and claimed they were members of “family units.” But they will likely be processed and released in the vain hope they’ll show up for court proceedings to determine their status.

Three Perverts and an African Homicide Suspect
Border agents picked up two sex fiends on Saturday, Customs and Border Protection reported.

Agents who work at the station in Bracketville, Texas, collared a previously-deported Honduran who, like so many others, had a record more than 20 years old.

“Records checks revealed that in 1998 he was convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor in Los Angeles County, California and sentenced to three years in prison,” CBP reported. “He was deported to Honduras in 2001.”

But he was, if you believe the open-borders lobby, “fleeing violence” and never should have been stopped, or at least freed without a records-check to molest another child.

Agents at the Eagle Pass station collared a Mexican illegal later that day. And once again, CBP reported, “records checks indicated that in 2009 he was convicted of sexual battery in Marion County, Indiana. He was deported to Mexico in 2010.”

On June 26, in something of an unusual case, CBP reported, agents at the pedestrian crossing in San Ysidro, California, took custody of a U.S. citizen from Mexican officials. Fingerprints revealed an outstanding warrant for felony sexual assault in Orange County. He jumped a $1 million bond.

Another oddity — or not — was the arrest of a Somali homicide suspect, CBP reported. Agents at the same station, called Ped West, collared a “legal permanent resident” named Mohamed Abdullahi, 38, “the subject of an outstanding felony warrant for homicide — stabbing with knife, issued at the request of the Columbus Police Department in Columbus, Ohio with no bail set.”

More “Families”
Meanwhile, “family units” kept up their determined invasion across the southwest frontier, CBP reported.

Agents in Hidalgo, Texas, apprehended 168 illegals in a group that “consisted of family units and unaccompanied children from Central America, Venezuela and Cuba.”

The agency noted that agents in the Rio Grande Valley Border Sector are catching 1,000 people a day.

DNA testing has revealed that at least 30 percent of so-called family units aren’t any such thing, and 90 percent of the illegals who show up in “families,” then released and told to return for asylum proceedings, don’t turn up for court.

Immigration officials have found that illegals are renting children to get across the border, and some of those are “recycled” back to Mexico for yet another trip back across. The illegals know immigration authorities release “families.”

In January, the White House reported that 90 percent of asylum applications are denied, which might be one reason they don’t show up for court hearings.

Illegals traveling in “family units” are the majority of those who cross the border, CBP data show.

Of the 676,315 illegals border agents have apprehended thus far in fiscal 2019, which began in October, 366,931, or about 54 percent, have arrived in “family units.” But that figure includes those who arrive at ports of entry.

Of the 593,507 caught crossing illegally between ports of entry, 332,981, about 56 percent, arrived in “family units.”

In May, that figure was 63 percent. For all illegals, including those who showed up at ports of entry, the figure was 61 percent.

The number of invaders who crossed the border in June is due for release soon.

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