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When Calif. Officials Don’t (Can’t?) Tell School Kids About MS-13 Illegal Alien Killers in Their Midst

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What do you call 19 people who chop up a young man and rip his heart out? In today’s immigrationist-dominated America, you can call them illegal-alien gangsters who wouldn’t have been able to murder anyone here if they’d simply gone, with our insistence, “back to where they came from” (hat tip: President Trump).

American Thinker reports on the story, writing that 22 MS-13 gang members (three non-illegals were in the group) who killed classmate Brayan Andino in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles “were apparently left to do what they do by authorities, and anyone saying anything about it or wondering where the disappeared kid was got sanctioned and punished. The remaining kids were reportedly so scared they wouldn’t talk about it.”

Fox News provides further detail:

Students, parents and teachers at a California high school community are expressing unease this week after it emerged that administrators — following instructions from police — kept them in the dark about classmates who allegedly were linked to violent MS-13 activity, a report says.

The community at Panorama High School told the Los Angeles Times they received few to no details until prosecutors last week announced murder and racketeering charges against 22 suspected members of an MS-13 clique in the Los Angeles area. Six Panorama students, the newspaper adds, were detained in February 2018 with no explanation. They are now linked to the off-campus killings of a classmate and another individual allegedly carried out by the clique, investigators revealed.

“Clique” is an interesting term (did they just get together for cake, coffee, and pinochle?) to describe a group responsible for a “reign of terror in the San Fernando Valley,” as the Los Angeles Times puts it. These thugs are so bad, in fact, that 16 of the 22 “were accused of murders so heinous that they are eligible for the death penalty; victims were beaten, tortured, and in one case, dismembered, with weapons that included knives, machetes, rocks, and pipes,” Buzzfeed News tells us.

Nonetheless, authorities say they had good reason to maintain secrecy. “We constantly have to weigh the needs of the investigation against putting out public information,” Capt. William P. Hayescommanding officer of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Robbery-Homicide Division, told the Times. “We were concerned about the flight risk of suspects and the loss of critical information.”

Authorities also “said there was no need to alert teachers, parents and students because other students were never in danger, the gang had little presence on campus, and no acts of gang violence affected the campus itself,” the Times reported in a later article.

While this claim strains credulity, it certainly is true that divulging information relating to an investigation can jeopardize it and decrease the chances that criminals will be brought to justice. But a question arises: Why didn’t authorities at least arrest the 19 illegal-alien MS-13 miscreants on charges of violating immigration law? That would have at least gotten them off the street.

The obvious answer is that they couldn’t do so because L.A. is a lawless (“sanctuary”) city and California a lawless (“sanctuary”) state.

Yet even if they weren’t, there’s another factor: Rounding up and deporting illegals is now so uncommon — thanks to immigrationists — that no one would believe that these thugs were apprehended simply for immigration violations. It would be obvious that the nihilistic 19’s arrest was motivated by the murder that made them unique, not the immigration trespasses they share with millions of other illegals whose presence in the United States is tacitly endorsed. And it would signal to the others party to the killing that the law was onto them and no doubt cause them to go into hiding.

Of course, this is just one problem that arises when trading the rule of law for political expediency (leftist politicians want the future votes socialism-oriented immigrants provide).

It should also be mentioned that five of the MS-13 killers were, ironically, asylum seekers. This makes the story of Brayan Andino, who couldn’t find asylum from them, a cautionary tale. If the current inundation with socialism-sympathizers and criminals (a.k.a. immigration) continues, how many of us will be seeking asylum from a future, dystopian United States? And where will we go?

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