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Another Illegal Alien Charged In Rape In Montomgery County, Md.

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Cops in Montgomery County, Maryland, have arrested yet another illegal alien on yet another rape charge.

This time the suspect is an African. Though the story is much the same as others, it does have a twist. Cops picked him up for a sex crime last summer, but prosecutors dismissed the charge.

He should have been deported then, but instead was released only to be arrested again on an equally serious charge.

Since July 25, cops have collared no less than eight illegal aliens for sex crimes in the county, which has declared government property off limits to immigration officers last month.

The sanctuary county will not cooperate with ICE on illegals short of the agency’s jumping through multiple legal and bureaucratic hoops.

He’s Nigerian

The news on the latest illegal-alien rape suspect, Oluwakayode Adebusuyi, again comes from Kevin Lewis, a reporter with Washington, D.C.’s ABC affilicate, WJLA.

Cops collared the 26-year-old illegal Nigerian for raping an “intoxicated woman in his car” on August 28, Lewis tweeted on Sept. 9. ICE filed a detainer on September 1.

As of four days ago, the border-jumping African was still in custody after a judge gave him a $250,000 bond.

“Should Adebusuyi post bond, MoCo will give ICE a courtesy call,” Lewis reported, “but it won’t hold the accused rapist beyond the normal jail release process.”

Lewis observed that “MoCo has also banned ICE from entering secure portions of the jail.” MoCo is shorthand for Montgomery County.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the African illegal’s first brush with the law, Lewis tweeted. “Last summer, MoCo Police charged Adebusuyi with 2nd-degree assault, 4th-degree sex offense and false imprisonment,” he wrote. “Prosecutors dropped all counts in that case for unspecified reasons.”

The court documents in that case say the case disposition was a nolle prosequi, also known as a “nol pros,” meaning prosecutors were unwilling to pursue it.

Adebusuyi, Lews reported, was a ride-share driver until his rape arrest on August 28.

Meeting With ICE

After County Executive Marc Elrich fortified Montomgery’s sanctuary policy and the rash of sex crimes, bad press apparently forced him to meet with ICE. Elrich conferred with ICE officials during a “productive” meeting yesterday, Lewis reported.

In its story about an illegal alien suspected of raping an 11-year-old in 2018, The New American reported that Elrich signed an executive order in July titled “Promoting Community Trust.”

It forbids county departments, the Washington Post reported, from “using local government resources to assist federal agents in civil immigration investigations.... That means they cannot allow U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers into nonpublic spaces in government buildings or give them access to individuals in county government custody — unless they are in possession of a court order or criminal warrant.”

As well, the Post reported, cops haven’t been cooperating with ICE since 2014, but the new edict hardens the county’s obstruction of ICE. Elrich will punish any officials who does cooperate with ICE.

Lewis has been tracking illegal-alien sex crimes in the county for at least two months and uncovered a particularly egregious example of the county’s insane sanctuary policy.

After county cops arrested an illegal-alien rape suspect on August 10, ICE filed a detainer on August 12. The jail released the Salvadoran on bond before ICE could arrest him.

ICE did take custody of yet another Salvadoran rape suspect, this one arrested in late August, but he wangled a release by posting bond on the immigration arrest.

No Answer

On July 25, Lewis asked the county “what crimes it deems "egregious enough" to cooperate with @ICEgov on,” he tweeted. But “over the last seven weeks, I’ve repeatedly asked MoCo for that full list of crimes. I am still waiting for it. The delays have made some wonder if a list even exists.”

That request noted Elrich’s sanctuary order has imperilled not only ICE agents but also the public because ICE cannot apprehend illegals at the jail. Instead, they must do so in a “fluid environment,” such as a parking lot or other public place, an obvious problem if the illegal gets a weapon and resists arrest.

Elrich has not answered the question of Lewis.

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