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CBP, ICE Collar Sex Fiends and Murder Suspects

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Border and immigration agents had their hands full with myriad thugs, killers, and sex perverts, all of them dangerous illegal-alien criminals, in the past seven days.

The Border Patrol collared two of the illegals, one a rape and murder suspect; the other a garden-variety sex fiend.

Meanwhile, the Enforcement and Removal Operations bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement snared a three-time Mexican deportee wanted for murder, then deported more than 100 Salvadoran thugs for prosecution back home.

In late August, in a coast-to-coast sweep across heartland America, ICE collared more than three dozen illegals wanted for human-rights violations in their own countries.

The takeaway? Despite those who are caught, illegal aliens, even those on the run from authorities in their own countries for major human-rights crimes, come and go as they please.

Border Action
Border agents apprehended the Mexican rape and murder suspect after he and two other border-jumpers crossed into the country through the mountains outside Nogales, Arizona, on September 12.

The suspect, Customs and Border Protection reported, is one Juan Francisco Espinosa-Burgos, who’s wanted for a rape in Oregon City, Oregon, and a homicide in Mexico.

He won’t go back home to face the law for that crime until the rape charge in Oregon is adjudicated, the agency reported.

All three of the illegals were charged with immigration violations.

A border agent caught the sex fiend near Tecate, California, on Saturday.

When the agent pulled behind a “suspicious vehicle traveling on State Route 94,” CBP reported, the driver hit the gas and tried to flee, but couldn’t get past another vehicle on the two-lane road.

The driver pulled over for the agent, who questioned the car’s illegal-alien occupants. Three claimed they were Mexicans and “admitted they had no documentation that allowed them to be in the U.S.,” the agency reported.

But as illegal aliens often do, one lied. He was a previously-deported Salvadoran with a rap sheet that includes “indecent liberties with a child and possession of a controlled substance.”

The driver and front-seat passenger were charged with human smuggling.

ICE Arrests
Meanwhile, in Houston on September 11, ICE ERO agents collared the Mexican murder suspect, a three-time deportee wanted for a homicide in Anaheim, California, the agency reported.

Agents arrested illegal alien Leopoldo Serrano Vargas, who is either 44 or 46 years old, for jumping the border after being deported. That crime is a felony. But Vargas isn’t your average border-jumper. He’s wanted in California for the murder of another man 19 years ago.

“In December 2006, Serrano Vargas illegally entered the U.S. three times in a span of eight days; he was removed to Mexico on Dec. 12, Dec. 14 and Dec. 18,” ICE reported. “In 2006, Serrano Vargas again illegally entered the U.S. and has unlawfully remained in the country since then.”

The agency did not explain why Vargas wasn’t brought to book for the murder in 2000 after three arrests in 2006.

ICE also deported 121 illegals, some wanted for murder, to El Salvador last week. Ten of them were snared in Operation Safe Haven V in late August.

“Those arrested during the operation are implicated in numerous human rights violations against civilians, including the capture, arrest and/or transport of civilians who were subsequently mistreated, and in some cases, beaten, electrocuted and killed,” the agency reported.

During Safe Haven V, ICE arrested 39 fugitives with outstanding deportation orders, the agency reported. Sixteen “are criminal aliens in the U.S., with convictions for crimes including domestic violence, driving under the influence of alcohol, drug distribution, firearms possession, grand theft, reckless endangerment, robbery, fraud and theft.”

Those arrests, in Nogales, Arizona, involved agents in Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Newark, New York City, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, which shows just how widely the illegal-alien crime wave has spread.

The illegals hailed from Asia (China and Cambodia), Africa (Liberia, Chad, Ghana, Sudan, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast), and South and Central America and the Caribbean (Chile, Haiti, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador).

The Chinese illegals are accused of forced abortions and sterilizations, while the Africans are suspected of mutilations, extrajudicial killings, recruitment of child soldiers, and the massacre of civilians.

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