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Border Apprehensions Decrease Again, but Numbers Are Still High

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0The Border Patrol caught or stopped another 40,000-plus illegal aliens from entering the county in December, a slight dip from November and October and a significant decline from last December 2018.

The first-quarter figures bring to more than 125,000 the number of illegals stopped either at or between ports of entry, a decrease of more than 30 percent through the same three months last year.

As well, the latest numbers from Customs and Border Protection shows that the number of family units caught crossing the border has dropped precipitously. Most of the illegals are single adults.

Regardless, the relentless march north of Central American penniless masses and their colonization of the United States continues with no end in sight.

And those the Border Patrol stops aren’t exactly Rotarians.

December Totals
Border agents apprehended 40,620 illegals, 32,858 of whom tried to jump the border between ports of entry, Customs and Border Protection has reported.

Among them were:

• Unaccompanied Children — 3,250

• Family Units — 8,602

• Single Adults — 21,006

Another 7,762 were stopped at ports of entry and declared inadmissible:

• Unaccompanied Alien Children — 457

• Family Units — 3,462

• Single Adults — 3,782

• Accompanied Minor Child — 61

As with November, December’s number of border-jumping families caught between ports of entry was substantially lower than single adults.

December’s number represented a decrease of 4.8 percent from November, and 10.1 percent from October. It was a decrease of 33.2 percent from last December’s 60,794.

To put December’s total in perspective as a practical matter, agents caught or processed 1,301 illegals every day of the month, which is more than 55 every hour.

Totals Fiscal 2020
The total thus far in fiscal 2020, which began October 1, is lower than last year but is not encouraging. Illegals still believe, with some justification, they can cross the border, set up house, and never leave.

That’s why, since October 1, border agents have bagged 128,455 trying to get into the country.

Of that total, 101,774 illegals were nabbed between ports of entry:

• Unaccompanied Children — 9,403

• Family Units — 27,324

• Single Adults — 65,047

Another 26,681 were stopped at ports of entry and declared inadmissible:

• Unaccompanied Alien Children — 1,222

• Family Units — 11,615

• Single Adults — 13,629

• Accompanied Minor Child — 215

Again, so-called families, many of which are frauds, aren’t crossing in the same numbers as last year, when illegals in “families” and caught between ports of entry outnumbered single adults every month except September.

By this time last year, 75,787 illegals in families had jumped the border. Thus far this year, the figure is 27,324, a 64-percent decrease.

Another 13,557 in families were declared inadmissible at ports of entry. This year, the figure is 11,615, a 14.3-percent drop.

The good news is that the 128,455 illegals caught or declared inadmissible through December is 30.2 percent less than last year’s 184,044.

But again, to put the first-quarter total in perspective as the workload for the Border Patrol goes, agents arrested or handled 1,396 illegals every day, or about 58 every hour.

Latest Apprehensions
A sample of the most recent apprehensions at the border divulges just what Americans face with the never-ending flood.

On Thursday, agents in the Laredo Sector caught a Mexican fellow, 37-year-old Sotero Salas-Ruiz, just north of Laredo. Salas-Ruiz, CBP reported, was deported after conviction 10 years ago for drunk driving and indecent liberties with a child.

Two days before that, January 7, agents in the Tucson Sector collared three thugs, all of them previously deported, two of whom were gang members.

One of gang bangers is a 34-year-old Mexican and member of the Sureños. The other is a Honduran member of MS-13 with an “extensive criminal background.”

The apparently unaffiliated thug was 34-year-old Mexican deported in 2015 after about five years in the slammer on weapons and kidnapping charges.

On January 3, agents at Eagle Pass, Texas, collared yet another Honduran member of MS-13 with an assault conviction in 2008, CBP reported. He was deported in 2011.

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