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Hundreds of Leftists Swarm ICE Buses to Prevent Arrest of Criminal Aliens

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A mob of hundreds of leftists in Bend, Oregon, surrounded and blocked two unmarked buses from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a hotel parking lot after the agency arrested two illegal aliens with criminal records.

The two men in question were apprehended on Wednesday morning. Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) notes that one man was detained at a gas station and the other was pulled over in his car. Both of them had warrants out for their arrest.

A family spokesperson identified one of the detained men only by his first name, Marcos. He was allowed to call his wife around 1 p.m. on Wednesday, setting off a wave of social media reports that resulted in activists driving in from all Central Oregon to swarm the ICE buses.

OPB reports:

People quickly descended on the area and stopped the buses when they located them in a parking lot behind a hotel in Bend’s Old Mill District. They stood in front of the vehicles and refused to leave, others parked cars in the way. Family members leaned and wept against the sides of the bus, pleading with the ICE contractors operating the bus to allow them to give the men food and water. A small boy cried: “Papa, Papa, I love you.”

According to Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz, a federal agent called the police department around 1 p.m. and asked for assistance with people who were blocking their path.

Acting Deputy Department of Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli tweeted that the two detained men were “criminal aliens presenting a danger to public safety” and “each had a history of criminal violent behavior.”

But the men’s criminal past didn’t dissuade the crowd from coming to their defense, with the standoff lasting approximately 12 hours. Bend police initially showed up in “SWAT gear,” but were later replaced by officers in standard police uniforms.

Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz said at the time that “Bend police are currently on-site to protect the life and safety of our community, and are not there assisting the role of ICE,” noting that Oregon has a sanctuary state law that prohibits the use of state and local resources for assisting federal immigration enforcement.

Visiting the scene at 10 p.m., Krantz told the crowd that “there will be federal agents coming here, and they will ensure the safety of their employees.”

Around 11 p.m., a dozen or so Border Patrol agents marched up to the crowd with some making their way around the bus. At least three people were reportedly pepper-sprayed as the agents approached the bus to lead out staff and the two detainees. As they left, some of the officers were pushed by the crowd. Many people stayed with the empty buses for a time before finally dispersing.

Bend Mayor Sally Russell wrote a series of tweets in which she asserted that while she does not support ICE, the two men in custody were wanted for criminal actions.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said he attended the protest to “broker a resolution with DHS, to no avail.” After the protest ended, he tweeted, “I’ve never been so disgusted by my government and so proud of my community.”

OPB journalist Emily Cureton tweeted earlier in the day that a local Presbytarian pastor said the crowd was trying to buy time until the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed paperwork on behalf of the illegal aliens.

Bend is a small central Oregon town that has recently become an epicenter of radical left-wing activism. Hours away in Portland that same evening, Antifa burned a pig head and Trump flag and hurled fireworks, rocks, eggs and bottles at police.

The latest standoff shows that the radical Left is becoming increasingly organized and unified, while the American union becomes increasingly polarized and fractured.

Photo showing protesters blocking buses: AP Images

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