Portland and its mayor are under heavy legal fire and suffering a wave of bad publicity because police, critics allege, have failed to protect federal immigration employees from angry anti-Trump leftists known as Occupy ICE.

VIDEO - President Trump is threatening a government shutdown if he does not get border security. A full shutdown will not be beneficial, however a partial permanent shutdown that targets unconstitutional agencies and programs would help restore the Constitution.

During a White House press conference held jointly with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on July 30, President Trump said that if Congress refuses to appropriate adequate funding for border security, he would have no problem with a government shutdown.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and City Solicitor Marcel Pratt announced that their city will not renew a contract that allows ICE access to a police department database.

The same liberals who are so appalled at the notion that a foreign entity may have “colluded” with a U.S. presidential candidate are just fine with foreign nationals actually voting in U.S. elections.


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