The FAIR survey does an excellent job in making the case that illegal immigration costs Americans more than they receive in taxes from illegal aliens, but it fails to address other non-fiscal costs.

More Trump backsliding on migration/immigration? Is the Trump administration preparing us to “welcome” more Rohingya Muslim “refugees”?

Maine Governor Paul LePage sent a letter to his state’s 16 county sheriffs on September 25, telling them that he would remove from office any sheriff who did not cooperate with federal immigration officials. 

On September 24, just hours before his previous travel ban was set to expire, President Trump signed a proclamation limiting the immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States from eight countries. 

California’s radical Attorney General Xavier Becerra traveled to San Diego on September 20 to announce a lawsuit he will file against the Trump administration over its plan to begin construction of a wall along the Mexican border in San Diego and Imperial counties.

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