President Trump says that if Mexico does not stop the illegal-alien invasion that has overwhelmed U.S. immigration authorities and is costing taxpayers millions of dollars, he will close the border.

A militia composed of armed ex-servicemen has set up camp near the New Mexico-Mexico border and will alert Border Patrol agents when they see illegal border crossers.

Border authorities have been saying it for weeks, but they said it again yesterday: The illegal-alien surge is a crisis — a national emergency.

Some hi-tech companies have proposed building “smart walls” that use radar and sensors along sections of the southern border, particularly in sparely populated areas.

Before Tuesday, the last time a lawman died in a shooting in Kittias County, Washington was 1927. But that 92-year stretch ended that night when an illegal alien opened fire on a county deputy and freshly-sworn town policeman. The deputy died; the policeman landed in the hospital.

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