A record number of Africans are flying to South America and then traveling to reach the U.S. border, and more than 1,000 Haitians illegally crossed the Rio Grande in June.

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker joined the ranks of subversives on Wednesday when he crossed into Mexico and returned with five illegal aliens he claimed were “fleeing domestic violence” and deserved asylum.

Sam Rodriguez and other clergy are contradicting claims that illegal immigrants being held in Texas are living in deplorable conditions.

The news that Congolese possibly infected with Ebola virus were streaming across the southwest border of the United States with the tsunami of Central American migrants was bad enough. Even worse is the latest report from the Center for Immigration Studies: 35,000 Africans are tramping north for the U.S. border in the hope of ensconcing themselves in U.S. sanctuary cities.

A mob of angry “migrants” threatened to cross the U.S. border by force at a crossing in El Paso yesterday, yet another indication not just of the gravity of the situation at the border but the expectations “migrants” now have.

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