immigrationHere’s a question many Members of Congress prefer to ignore: How many times do you have to be told “No amnesty for illegal immigrants?”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested 286 illegal immigrants with criminal records during a three-day operation in California. It was the largest crackdown of this kind ever carried out by federal authorities.

meet on hookA Nebraska Court of Appeals ruled on December 8 that an illegal immigrant who was injured on the job at Cargill Meat Solutions in Schuyler, Nebraska, is entitled to worker compensation.

San Franciscans face two new policies that will further erode what little respect for the law can be found among the city's illegal aliens. Oddly enough, however, leftist Mayor Gavin Newsom is on the right side of one of them.

unemployedOne of the strongest currents in today’s economic maelstrom is unemployment. Recently released figures reveal the devastating power in that storm. As of September, there are over 15 million Americans without a job. No job means no income.

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