Conservative commentator Ann Coulter insists that she supported Trump for his agenda, and she thinks he could do a better job on curtailing immigration.

According to the Immigration Reform Law Institute, nearly two million illegal aliens from south of the border have deportation orders or pending deportation orders yet remain in the country.

VIDEO - In an exclusive interview with The New American magazine, Legal Immigrants for America chief Amapola Hansberger warned that illegal immigration threatens America. Hansberger, a naturalized American citizen from Nicaragua, also highlighted the enormous difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. "Legal immigrants want to be obedient to the laws of the United States of America--we love America," she said. "The biblical truth is that we should not have open borders."

The Democratic Party — or at least the hard-bitten leftists who run it in the House of Representatives — doesn’t care whether illegal aliens vote in American elections.

Border agents face an unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens whose new way to enter the country and stay is to arrive in clusters and claim they are families.

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