What do you call 19 people who chop up a young man and rip his heart out? In today’s immigrationist-dominated America, you can call them illegal-alien gangsters who wouldn’t have been able to murder anyone here if they’d simply gone, with our insistence, “back to where they came from” (hat tip: President Trump).

During a recent tour of the ICE detention center in Adelanto, California, Fox News reporters were given a firsthand look at the facility and gave it a positive review.

Two of Border Patrol’s latest arrests were at least a little unique: a convicted hit man and a methamphetamine trafficker who showed up as an innocent family man.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement failed. That’s bad news for President Trump given the latest report from Gallup, which said the most important issue facing the country is immigration.

VIDEO -After being accused of racism based off of a series of tweets, President Trump doubled down on his remarks, defending his statement that you are free to leave the country if you don't like its current state. Dr. Duke Pesta points out the hypocrisy of the left crying racism at Trump. In relation to the left finger pointing at Trump over words that he's said, they've not condemned (even praised) a recent violent attack at an ICE facility where they were direct inspiration.

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