As a new 2,000-strong illegal-alien invasion army heads through Mexico for the U.S. border, another group of illegals already there found a different way to get into the country. They dug their way in.

The border crisis facing the United States will almost certainly worsen if the latest “caravan” of illegal aliens crosses Guatemala, then Mexico, and occupies Tijuana or another Mexican town.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted that border-wall building is a big business. And with good reason: Walls work.

Mexicans and Central Americans aren’t the only people tramping across the border illegally. Islamic prayer rugs have been found at the border, as have Chinese and Filipino immigrants. Dead bodies are also an unpleasant reality at the border.

Some urban counties are quitting 287(g), an ICE program allowing sheriffs to assist ICE in deporting illegal aliens, but some rural sheriffs are continuing the program.

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