VIDEO - The New American’s Christian Gomez interviews Senior Editor William F. Jasper about the radical Left’s agenda to change immigration to migration and to abolish the nation’s borders.  

The 4,000-strong migrant “caravan” heading for the United States has reached the Guatemala-Mexico border, news reports reveal, and it appears Mexico will get help from the United Nations in handling this latest migrant crisis.

The swarm of Hondurans marching through Guatemala has doubled in size in the last few days, and President Trump has threatened the shut down the border with Mexico if the “migrant caravan” isn’t stopped.

Clearly anticipating a Democratic takeover of the House in November, Representative Nancy Pelosi says the president has masculinity issues, and that’s why he wants to build a border wall.

A new migrant caravan of 1600 to 2000 people are marching from Honduras, hopefully to find their way to the United States, as they flee “poverty and violence.”

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