If you want to know why Invasion USA continues apace, look no further than Big Migration, a lucrative racket so brazen that border-jumping migrants “can now offer Yelp-style reviews for attaining the finest in illegal alien–enabling services, not just in one’s choice of smuggling coyote, but in all the vast numbers of choices in NGOs offering shelters and services,” writes American Thinker’s Monica Showalter. So much for illegals being “in the shadows.”

Six people charged with murdering a man in Baltimore County, Maryland, have been identified by federal officials as MS-13 gang members who were in the country illegally.

Representative Ilhan Omar has called for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to handle mass migration at the U.S. southern border.

Staffers for Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) were barred from CBP facilities after reportedly disrupting operations and being rude to officers.  

Another illegal alien raped a woman in Montgomery County, Maryland, authorities allege, but the Maryland suburb that declared itself a sanctuary appears to be less concerned about the safety of the county’s women than the “rights” of illegal aliens.

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