VIDEO - Recently the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council came out and endorsed Donald Trump for President. While giving their reasons, they listed that only 5% supported Hillary Clinton's policies on immigration, which include reform. Immigration expert Andy Ramirez expands on the information provided by the council and those currently working within the White House.

As with the Brexit vote in the UK in June, the deadly reality of “open borders” could end up having a much greater impact on Election Day than the pro-Hillary media polls are showing.

A 98-page report completed by the Department of Homeland Security in May found that only 54 percent of people who entered our nation illegally between border crossings got caught during the 2015 fiscal year.

The cases of more than 56,000 Central American immigrants who entered the United States illegally since 2014 have been delayed for several years.

The Supreme Court rejected a request from the Obama administration to rehear the case of United States v. Texas, which blocked the administration from implementing its plan to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.

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