Are you ready for more clogged roads, crowded hospitals and schools, urban sprawl, pollution, and resource strain? Because legal and illegal (im)migrants and their children are projected to add 75 million people to the United States by 2060, according to Census Bureau figures. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has stated that the federal government will soon begin construction of more border barriers in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

While Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is an easy scapegoat for conservatives in the border wall debate, don't forget that it was a former Speaker of the House who first dropped the ball on this issue.

If Democrats and radical lawfare leftists think they can stop President Trump from building a border wall unilaterally after declaring a national emergency, they might want to think again.

President Trump cut through the Kabuki-theater political atmosphere and bluntly stated that the Republicans were “wasting their time” negotiating border security with Democrats.

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