President Trump is halfway to his goal of more than $5 billion for a border wall to stop illegal immigration, and, perhaps, to giving the Democrats a beating they aren’t going to forget.

Frustrated with the federal government's turtle-like pace, Iraq war veteran and triple amputee Brian Kolfage has created a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1 billion to fund the construction of a wall on the United States-Mexico border.

The radical Left and its sympathetic judges continued their assault on American sovereignty this week with rulings to stop the Trump administration from tightening the rules that govern who can apply for and receive asylum in the United States.

When you can’t win the debate you can still win the day — by ending the debate. This apparently is the goal of those targeting Fox News host Tucker Carlson with destruction, for having the temerity to honestly discuss illegal migration.

President Trump has repeatedly said he’ll shut down part of the government on Friday if he doesn’t get funding for a border wall. But now it appears that he might just sign a bill because he thinks he can get what he wants another way.

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