As the latest “migrant caravan” continues its relentless push north to the U.S. border with Mexico, migrants are going over — and under — border barriers, and Mexico is handing out “humanitarian” visas as fast as they can print them.

The latest caravan of nearly 6,000 illegal aliens headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border, and an estimable character Mexican cops found inside it, have once again proven the president right about illegal immigration. 

As a new 2,000-strong illegal-alien invasion army heads through Mexico for the U.S. border, another group of illegals already there found a different way to get into the country. They dug their way in.

The border crisis facing the United States will almost certainly worsen if the latest “caravan” of illegal aliens crosses Guatemala, then Mexico, and occupies Tijuana or another Mexican town.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted that border-wall building is a big business. And with good reason: Walls work.

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