Responding to Trump's ultimatum, Mexico’s government takes action against lawless “migrant” militants — but will the U.S. Congress now take responsible action?

In response to the large caravan of aliens crossing Mexico to enter the United States, President Trump said that he will send U.S. troops to guard our southern border.




A growing caravan of would-be illegal immigrants from Central America is heading north through Mexico in an effort to cross the U.S. border and receive amnesty, prompting President Trump to take deportation protections for “dreamers” off the table while warning Mexican authorities to intervene or face consequences. According to press reports, more than a thousand Latin American immigrants in a “caravan” organized by an extremist anti-borders group are hoping to find safety in numbers as they make their way to the United States. But if Trump's comments are any indication, the journey will not be easy — and it is unlikely to be successful. In fact, the scheme may backfire by causing even more concerned Americans to demand that Congress act to properly secure the border.

The Commerce Department announced that a question on citizenship status will be reinstated for the next census. But the Left is opposed to asking this question. Why?

Orange County has voted to join the federal government to oppose California’s sanctuary law. The move comes just two weeks after Los Alamitos, a small city in Orange County, voted to exempt itself from the state’s sanctuary status.

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