Illegal aliens fearful about President Trump’s executive order barring refugees from countries of concern have been seen crossing the U.S. border into Canada recently.

The “Muslim Ban” that wasn't. President Trump has been accused of instituting an unprecedented unconstitutional ban on Muslim immigrants that was so flagrant that it was immediately overturned by the courts. So wrong.

California is threatening to stop federal income tax receipts from going to the federal government if the federal government cuts off funds to sanctuary cities. If California succeeds, could this open options for other states to defy the federal government's use of denial of federal funds in other areas?

Steven Camarota's study about the costs of illegal immigration is helpful in many ways, but it doesn't point out present savings to be used to pay for a wall. However, there are other ways to pay for it.

In response to President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration, residents in Phoenix petitioned for sanctuary status, but the request was rejected by the Phoenix City Council by a vote of 7-2 on Wednesday after a heated debate.

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