The Trump administration will publish new rules today that restrict the entry of migrants entering the country under claims of asylum. This will invite lawsuits from the usual open-borders leftists backed by Deep-State globalists.

The “migrant caravan” that began in Honduras in October has finally surged into Mexico City and must reckon whether to head for Texas or California. But the caravan’s numbers are dwindling

Armed civilians are right now heading to the southern border. Some call this dangerous “vigilantism.” Others say it’s how you respond to an invasion. One thing is for sure: It wouldn’t be happening had the government been doing its job.

It’s something that may guarantee Russian interference in our elections — when the foreigners-in-spirit are old enough to vote, anyway. At issue is “birth tourism,” a phenomenon whereby pregnant Russian women (among others) take an American vacation for the purposes of birthing “anchor babies,” happily taking advantage of a misapplication of the 14th Amendment.

A second migrant caravan crossed from Guatemala into Mexico on October 29, with some members of the caravan believed to be armed with homemade bombs and guns.

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