In a pre-emptive strike against open-borders Democrats, the White House has posted the briefing that Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen gave to lawmakers.

VIDEO - KATOWICE--In an interview with The New American magazine at the United Nations COP24 climate summit in Poland, UN International Organization official Mariam Traore Chazalnoel said more than 140 million "refugees" would be fleeing their home countries due to "climate change" in the coming decades. Citing a World Bank study, the UN IOM official said a variety of "climate"-related issues--ranging from depleted fish stocks to natural disasters--would cause massive migration flows. Never fear, though: If humanity will submit to the UN's "climate" agenda quickly enough, "people will probably not have to move as much in the future."

President Trump will address the nation tonight at 9 p.m. to discuss the crisis at the border, and perhaps discuss a forthcoming declaration of a national emergency that would enable the administration to build a border wall without help from Congress.

The standoff between President Trump and House Democrats over funding for a border wall that has led to a government shutdown continues.

Border agents repelled a New Year’s migrant attack on the border in the San Diego sector, the Department of Homeland Security has reported.

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