The National Dream University, a branch of UCLA set up to educate illegal aliens and turn them into immigration activists, won’t open its doors, thanks to pressure from a lawmaker who didn’t think it was such a bright idea.

An illegal alien who became a citizen and multi-millionaire grocery tycoon is in trouble with “activists” because he is using the federal E-Verify program to check whether prospective employees are illegal aliens.

The new federal program that provides temporary work permits to young illegal immigrants is provoking different responses from the states. While some states assert that the status created by the new program does not make undocumented workers eligible for various benefits, others such as California are embracing the directive and granting driver's licenses to those who qualify under the new guidelines.

In a wide-ranging interview with Alex Pareene of, Libertarian Party candidate for president Gary Johnson said the Republican Party's platform plank on immigration "borders on racist." The former border-state governor spoke of a radical "disconnect" between the rhetoric and reality on illegal immigration. 


The Obama administration is fudging the numbers in claims it is deporting “record” numbers of illegal aliens, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee reported last week.

The committee, led by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), accused the administration of inflating the numbers by including illegal aliens apprehended at the border in the total of those deported.

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